• Brand Foundations for Guiding Strategy

    The most common strategy for marketing I see is imitation of other campaigns tactics on a trial and error basis. When the tactic works they keep at it, and this is how marketing works for many businesses: a haphazard assortment and sequence of tactics inspired by others with no strategic flow.

    When you deliver amazing products you can get far enough, but when the competition gets tough, or you desire to expand your customer base, you will need to be able to rise above. In order to grow tall, you are going to need deep foundations.

    I follow a combination of methods with my work. Everything I do is planned out, yet at the same time when I get in the heat of a campaign, I really am flying by the seat of my pants. Still, every spur of the moment marketing tactic is performed in strategic coordination with my greater plans. [Read More…]

  • Musings of pragmatism at the expense of love: Netflix vs Porn

    My political blogging brings very engaged traffic to my website, far more than anything else on the website. It also gets a lot of feedback, far more positive than the negative. Though generally not nearly as articulate, the negative feedback has been just about as impassioned as the positive.

    The positive feedback I see on social media, as people share my articles and argue on their behalf. The negative feedback comes directly to my door. You can see it as the negative comments on my recent political posts outnumber the positive 4 to 1 (hint: give me more positive comments on this website not just on social!)

    It is hard to take any of it literally, positive or negative. [Read More…]

  • My Green Party experience part 1

    In humiba_logo (1)2011 I had an internship with the Humboldt Independent Business Alliance (HumIBA). This was an amazing experience where with a fellow intern, we conducted a series of interviews with local small business lenders and leaders. We were figuring out the role our organization played in the community as our organization was in the process of shutting down. The HumIBA was under the fold of Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC), and the person who bottomlined this work had left DUHC. Thdemocracy unlimited of humboldt county duhc logoe only other organization under DUHC was Move to Amend, a nation wide effort to get corporate money out of politics. DUHC was run by David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci Belknap. Kaitlin was a Green Party Member elected to the Humboldt County Water Board. David Cobb had ran for President as the Green Party nominee in 2004. [Read More…]

  • 4 things that went wrong for the Green Party

    1. Bad selection of Presidential candidates


    Green Party Candidates for the Presidential Primary 2016

    Jill acted very undemocratically as the party’s presumptive nominee, built her campaign on promises she couldn’t deliver on, served to green wash the electoral system, and has emulated classic power tripping politicians. To be honest, I could barely stand to listen to her talk at all this season. She just sounded so cheezy and fake and salesperson like, everything I can’t stand about politics today.


    Mimi Soltysik response to the debates

    The only time I really sucked it up and listened to her this cycle for a sustained period of time was her “extend the debates” sections on Democracy Now, which was only because it was the only radio station with good reception while I was driving during a long road trip. Apparently only one out of a 200 people of voting age in the U.S. finds themselves inspired by Jill’s bullshit enough to vote for her (Jill got 1% of the vote with roughly 50% of the population voting). I couldn’t believe she thought it was a good idea to just talk about what she would have said, in a conversation that doesn’t include her, on policy she will never affect. No wonder Gary Johnson turned that slot down, and I like Mimi Soltysik’s attitude to the debates of: “Fuck that!”

    I’ve heard the argument that there weren’t any other good candidates for the GP nomination, but like with Donald Trump being the president we deserve, I guess the Greens also got the candidates they deserved. Did the Green Party really embrace an attitude of lesser evilism with settling on Jill Stein as their candidate? Look to my other article on how to improve the Green Party to see how to recruit better candidates, or the article by new progressive alliance on how to run effective campaigns. [Read More…]

  • Paintball and entrepreneurship

    I have not posted on this website for a while. This website in a sense, felt like a test run. For the past two years I have been living with my parents attending family issues and working a part time custodial job that allowed me to listen to marketing youtube lectures.  I absorbed many new marketing ideas and techniques and I put them into practice here on this website.

    Now I am trying to start fresh and clean, not experiment, but just do it right, with my new paintball team, Muddy Bloody. I want to really own who I am as a person with this, and channel some artful soul energy into this project, and eat my own dog food with marketing advice, I’ve given out plenty, now it’s time to put it to use. 

    [Read More…]