• Inter Galactic Sillyness


    The Fleeting Lucidity of Radiating Beauty, perpetuated, created, through suffering and self perfecting introspection manifest: contemplation,  reflection, mixed perceptions…Perceptions of thyself, by thyself, and from beyond.

    The intertwined reality of our existence; with the cosmos, with the other world, and with another’s world… Renders the center of the universe a fleeting, relative concept: objective through experience, subjected through existence. Life as but a figment of our imagination, an imagination that beckons us to question our considerations; considerations of eternal truth, of reality, and of our purpose.

    For… what is the purpose of my existence? Why do I wake up in the morning? Is it because “I have to?” … I ponder, what is at stake if I don’t rise to my duty as it calls? A threat that my spark may be extinguished? An End to the hope that my thirst may be quenched? For… what is the purpose of my fire, this purpose for which I thirst?

    Existence, Experience, and Creation: Through the drudge of the old, the thrill of the new, we find the intertwining of comfort, suffering, and the Divine.scannedimage