• Meet HSUs new prez… same as the old prez

    Tim Martin/Here’s a Thought

    Humboldt State is in the process of buying — oops! I mean hiring — a new president. The excitement is tearing through campus like dysentery through a Mexican tourist resort. Anyone interested in applying for the position should be a white male, age 50 or over, with the personality of a used hot dog napkin.Just kidding there, but judging from past appointments applicants should at least be under-achieving, lack good public relations skills, and be willing to rule through intimidation, causing faculty and staff to resemble a sad and fearful hutch of timid rabbits.

    In other words, they’re searching for a clone of the retiring president.

    I worked at HSU for 30 years as a Plant Operations engineer. During that time I witnessed more than my share of lies, manipulation, and intimidation from management. I watched the campus turn from a friendly small-town college into a cold-hearted machine almost overnight. I observed an administration that labeled itself “student centered” do little for students except raise tuition. I saw the Department of Public Safety charge employees to drive to their jobs, hand out tickets to parents on graduation day, and extend parking fee hours until 10 p.m., causing students to park off-campus and making it easier for rape and assault crimes to happen under the cover of darkness.  [Read More…]