• Jacob Blooms Public Comment on Resignation from A.S. President


    See resignation Press Release here

    My name is Jacob Bloom, and I am the former Humboldt State Associated Student’s President, former ROSA coalition member, and now the current president of the NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Club.

     I would like to apologize for the way I resigned from my position as AS president, for the way I resigned was not the best. It was abrupt during the meeting, and I didn’t explain myself first.

    Don’t worry, this action is consistent with a more general plan, and others can perform the duties of AS president better than I could. Nonetheless, I am sorry and would like to offer my apologies to anybody I may have angered or inconvenienced.

     Now please allow me to explain myself:

     After my time in politics, I have come to identify two core problems which I am committed to solving, and which I see as incredibly intertwined: We need to save higher education, and we must end the war on drugs.

     I resigned from my position as AS president because at that meeting it became apparent that AS was preventing me from advocating for higher education. [Read More…]