• Student Government are Puppets Rant

    Tl;dr, check out the picture linked in this post! Heart in the machine is A.S. office holders.

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    In response to Bo Diego’s earlier post about corruption in CSU Student Government, and Gary Daniels comment about wannabe politicians in the CSU Student Gov. Facebook wont let me post this comment there because I think it is too long, and so I figure hell lets give it its own post!

    The tactics I have seen administrations use perhaps can explain why there are so many wannabe politicians in CSU student gov. —

    Administrators create and select preferential student organizations that cultivate advantageous social circles, rhetorical narratives, and then through collaborations with or by running these organizations, the administrators use them to scope out students, set narratives, and engineer social circles. The administrators use their resources, policy, and pull from personal relationships within these organizations to do so, setting narratives that suggests the org.s memberships should run for or not run for Associated Students (student government/A.S.) office, and likewise selectively lets the students know that running for A.S. office can result in resume building and letter of recommendations and similar prestige that will help them with their political careers.

    The administrators then use A.S. to further scope out students, introduce more narratives and rhetoric to them, and even suggest to favorable students to run for higher offices within the A.S., including key tips on how to win, and use these students to perpetuate their privatization agendas. [Read More…]