• Ruben Armiñana Announces Retirement: SSU Faculty Gleeful

    By Peter Phillips

    After 24 years as President of Sonoma State University Ruben Armiñana has finally announced his retirement at the faculty convocation August 24. Faculty and staff are smirking in the hallways with glee and clearly hoping Armiñana’s last year will not be a capstone of mismanagement and more debt for SSU.

    Also at the faculty convocation SSU student body president Brandon Mercer announced that the Green Music Center is $800,000 in deficit and bail out money will need to come from the general fund for several years into the future. Faculty had long been promised by the SSU Administration that the Green Music Center would completely pay for itself and never dip into campus funds.

    According to the Press Democrat (8/25/15), Larry Schlereth, the university’s chief financial officer and co-executive director of the music center, said later the $800,000 figure was outdated. He said the center’s projected deficit now stands at about $300,000. [Read More…]