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    Propaganda by Edward Bernays, 1928


    How to Plan and Execute Great Startup Marketing Programs – April Dunford, Founder, Rocket Launch Marketing – MaRs Best Practices

    PBS Fronline – The Merchants of Cool. 2001

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    Art: Democracy Progress Freedom Blood Power Caged Bird Theory

    Power Trip

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    January 2013-April 2014

    When I got elected to Student Body President? I thought I made it. The election felt like demons filleting my flesh.
    The knife like eyes of my peers judging my every move. I was studying Foucault at the time of the election. His work about the panoptic effect and how it creates a self subjection and internalization of externally imposed norms mixed with his discursive formation theories destroyed me as I tried to form rhetoric for my campaign. The level of understandings I achieved felt nearly too much for me to handle as I was actively synthesizing my studies through my practice. I continuously internalized the rhetoric I crafted from external sources and then re-externalized it through my canvassing and speech giving. I subjected myself to the pan-optic effect from potential voters as I would try and be conscious of what I said wherever I went, and was sure to adhere to norms expected of a potential president (being happy, intelligent, quick, persuasive, confident, to name a few). Then I actively participated in discursive formation as I used the campaign to work to change the discourse of our community.

    Getting elected felt like reaching a plateau on the mountain, after crawling through thorny thickets.  Little did I realize, I was only at the base of the mountain. Climbing it would be more intense of a taskthan I ever imagined.

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  • Power Trip Poem

    Power Trip

    Art: Democracy Progress Freedom Blood Power Caged Bird Theory

    April 24, 2014


    To sit at the top of a throne at the top of the city upon a hill… what a feeling that is.

    Looking onward from my view above it all, the long views kick in a permanent sense of self entitled awe. I am but a vessel of the lord. I am the vessel of the lord.

    I am in a particular set of circumstances. The metaphysical trains of directed human energy rush by from either side and onward, spiraling off into the infinite. By grace, great advice, skill, and divine will (what else could it be) I am able to negotiate and direct the metaphysical trains, the waves of organized disciplined soul energy, and with tremendous consequent. It is my duty, the tools are there and meant for my using.

    Everybody is aboard the train. Nobody else has really seen the collective maps to know where the trains are going, or why they are going where they are going.

    They must have faith in the system racing them around and rely on me as their messiah, the conductor, who only needs to make a switch every once in a while. I am here for a reason. They are incapable of surfing the wave of life without their industrial motors and my guidance.

    When a fly lands on the shoulder of a true martial art master, the master has to make an ever so slight adjustment. Sometimes, however, it spins out of control, and I find my left fist and arm through a wall on the South side, my right big toe just lightly dipped in the water to the North West.

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  • The Freedom To Do what You Want

    August 6-8, 2012.

    I was a canvasser for the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, where I registered people to vote as Green Party members in Portland, Oregon. When I drew this, the registration drive had just finished and so I used my free time to create this.

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