• First GoPro Session video: Davis Paintball 1v1 & 4v4

    Tempered Glass Screen Protectors found on amazon. (click image for link to product)

    Playing at Davis paintball with my CCM pump gun.
    Using Gopro Session (http://amzn.to/1XdCcIS) and inception designs barrel mount.

    Still haven’t been shot in the lens but using a tempered glass lens protector. (http://amzn.to/1r1UEFP)

    Was raining off and on through out the day, hence camo hockey tape on barrel.
    Did a 1v1 with new guy on our team, Ryan Bell (https://www.instagram.com/_ryan_bell__/), on his first day playing with a pump gun.
    Also played a 4v4, sharing a back center bunker with my new friend Kai.
    Music by Ventricosa, http://ventricosa.bandcamp.com

  • Petition: Boycott and rescind $4 opt out only representation fee from CSSA for all CSU students


    Sign to pledge to boycott and support rescinding the SIRF fee, and all other present and future fees on CSU students that fund the CSSA, until the CSSA can reasonably demonstrate democratic involvement of its student constituents and effective methods for acquiring appropriate feedback for representing them.

    The California State Student Association (CSSA) has publicly and actively demonstrated that it sides with California State University (CSU) Administrations, the Chancellor’s Office, and the Board of Trustees over its student constituents, staff, and faculty.

    The CSSA is funded in part by the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF). This is a twice annual $2 fee that all CSU students pay unless they opt out. This opt out method is confusing and contradictory to the name of the fee. The CSSA does not use the money from this fee to involve or represent students, and rather, works actively against their constituents best interests.

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