• Extended Q and A with Gary Swing Boiling Frog Party Sham Candidate for USeless Senate

    Gary Swing received 134,127 votes, or 5.5% in a race against Democratic US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, and John McCain. This is the highest percentage of votes cast for a Green Party candidate for US Senate in the nation this year. Read more about it here.



    True identity: Super Frog


    Message to my campaign: You’ve made RepairRestoreSafeguard.org‘s Hot 500 list of indy, 3rd & write-in candidates for Congress!

    My reply: Thanks for letting me know. So it really is heating up in here, and it’s not just my imagination?


    Question to my campaign: What the hell, dude?

    Answer: There is no heaven or hell, except for those that people create here on Earth.


    Question to my campaign: I don’t understand, How are you on the ballot, yet you’re not even talked about??? Who are you????

    Answer: Shh… don’t tell anyone I’m on the ballot. It’s a secret.

    In practice, candidates running outside of the two establishment parties are typically excluded [Read More…]

  • Jen McClellans public comment to CSU Board of Trustees


    California Student Union flyer distributed at the Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 15th. Notice Jen ends her comment as the flyer directs.

    Joint Committee on Education Policy and Finance, California State University Board of Trustees meeting, Long Beach, California.


    My name is Jen. I’m a senior at Cal State Northridge studying English Subject matter and looking forward to teaching junior and senior English in LAUSD.

    I chose to speak to this committee specifically because I saw you all were taking action on an item that you have discussed and already made up your minds about.

    Nevertheless, I hope that the decisions you make in the future will be effected by the comments and actions made by myself and my fellow students who have disrupted our studies, our budgets, our lives, and traveled from all over California that you might hear our testimonies and needs.

    I have come before you today to say the way you are doing things is most certainly not the best way to help students succeed.

    Your salaries are too high. Tuition is too high. The for profit model is failing us. I heard a trustee earlier talk about failure as necessary for growth. But what the people are saying, if you were really listening, is [Read More…]

  • 4 Things to do Moving Forward in the Green Party

    1. Be Bad Ass:

    piratesIt’s the 21st fucking century for godsake and we got some cool ass organizing methods out there, especially when combined with technology and artwork. Lets do it! Take no prisoners! The Pirate Party in Iceland is a hit with young people, a demographic that in mass did not turn out to vote this 2016 election cycle in the US. With knowing little more beyond that the Pirate Party crowd sourced their constitution and caused their prime minsters resignation, their branding reads that they are pirate bad asses. Why cant the Green Party be bad ass? Are we the square party?  No we are the Green Party!

    Imagine a party filled with crazy awesome ways to be involved and empowered, powerful support structures for members to make amazing change in their communities, abundance of soul satisfying revolutionary artwork, and endless amounts down ass people with amazing stories to learn from. Is that the Green Party we have now? Let’s make sure it is the Green Party of the future!

    When I interviewed Mimi Soltysik the Presidential Candidate of the Socialist Party USA, I really liked how he described how his campaign sets up their messaging:

    “We are definitely considerate with how we package the message. There are about 40 of us who work within the campaign on a daily basis, coming up with ideas, strategies, etc. We all have feelings about what might be an appealing way to message, and those feelings are informed by our experiences.

    I think that so many are turned off by traditional campaign approaches to messaging. To me, a message coupled with a photo of the candidate is boring as hell. I’d rather see a piece of artwork. Show the people you give a shit about them, you know?

    Now, I know that campaigns might construct messaging on the basis of demographic research.

    What about the “I don’t give a shit about electoral politics because electoral politics doesn’t give a shit about me” demographic?”

    2. Participatory Democracy:

    Amazon link to: Everyone Counts book, by Josh Lerner, Executive Director of the Participatory Budgeting Project

    I think the Green Party can take how Mimi’s campaign structured their decision making for messaging a few steps further, and get input from the whole party, not just 40 people. To do so, the Greens must embrace things like Participatory Democracy and the internet.

    Participatory Budgeting, one form of participatory democracy, allows everybody to have a say in how stuff is budgeted, and becomes a very empowering and educational experience, as people must learn the ins and outs of the budgetary needs of their organization. This fosters a healthy organizational pride and resiliency by having people really understand how the organization works and how they are connected to the fruits of their labor towards building the organization.

    Furthermore there are web based participatory budgeting methods available today that could make the Green Party have the most accessible, engaging, transparent, and well spent budget of any of the U.S. political parties.


    Check out Cobudget.co or Budgetallocator.com for two different takes on Web Based Participatory Budgeting. [Read More…]

  • Soltysik/Walker campaign: Voices of the Revolution

    Mimi Soltysik asked me to write something up for their 2016 Socialist Party USA Presidential campaign, for a social media project called “Voices of the Revolution.”

    Voices of the Revolution

    Using the Soltysik/Walker 2016 Campaign platform to share the voices of those on the front lines of the struggle is one of our primary goals. In the “Voices of the Revolution” column, we’ll step aside as our revolutionary sisters and brothers tell their stories, offering ideas, strategies, and expressions of hope and inspiration.

    This week we’ll hear from Jacob Bloom from Davis, CA:

    “There are so many traps out there. From sleazy politicians pandering for your soul to a giant non profit industrial complex, and on and on. Paternalistic endeavors that want to sell you on “what is best,” for private gain, are everywhere.

    When stuff gets fucked up where do you turn? [Read More…]

  • 5 things to make you think before you vote on Legalizing Cannabis with Prop 64 –2016

    1. Will the black market still thrive and be criminalized–is this being legalized for wealthy white men?

    • Cannabis is still illegal in other states, so the black market won’t be going anywhere fast. With the sales taxes and taxes supporting costs for the regulatory framework, purchasing cannabis will be cheaper on the black market locally as well. People still make moonshine all these years after alcohol prohibition ended, and growing pot safe for consumption is much easier than making alcohol. Even in CNN’s documentary series High Profits, black market dealers steal much of the retail sales for the legal cannabis stores right out of the stores own line of customers.

    “From our perspective, legalization is supposed to be about keeping us out of jail — it’s supposed to be about protecting our families,” Hezekiah Allen, the executive director of the marijuana trade group California Growers Association, told ATTN:. “But if the in-state marketplace is captured by a small number of very large growers, there won’t be much choice other than to continue to engage in criminal behavior. While all the marijuana millionaires get rich, all of the existing cannabis households will continue to be treated as criminals for just making a living.” http://www.attn.com/stories/12051/why-some-stoners-oppose-marijuana-legalization [Read More…]