Recognize the Bacteria

This mysterious haze,

Places us in a daze,

As we listen to what mother nature has to say.

This counter-intuitive human way,

To escape what she says,

Lays our heads end under her butt in,

What begins:

And this when our evil twin, our closest friend, brings an end to men

This friend in me, is truly our enemy.

So what is this “frienemy”??

This is the butt,

Of mother natures strut,

For only the unperceived,

Can break out of the rut.

So how do we survive this criteria:

The low blow of bacteria?

Not letting the human species die would be a lie,

That most not be our goal for that is not our role.

We are of god, but not god,

Nor should we faithfully nod.

Unclog your ears and open your eyes!

Only your tears will break through the lies!

“But what if I’m not Cry-N?”

You say.

“And what if I don’t buy-in?”

You say.

“What distinguishes all these lies, what makes you different from all the other guys?”

You say.

Well hey!

I don’t care if you buy-in, but I ain’t lying,

You better be crying!

If only you opened your eyes you would see mother nature is a dying,

And hey at least I’m fucking trying!

So listen if you may, and I say:

Mother nature is here to stay,

Don’t get in her way!

When she shows her wrath,

You will have no appealing path,

to escape the blood bath!

So do the math,

Be good like you should.

And lets counter the afore mentioned criteria, live well with mother nature, and always,

Always, recognize the bacteria!!!

Jacob Bloom

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