• Contributor Gary Swing gets highest vote percentage of Green Party candidates for US Senate

    Arizona vote counters keep finding more ballots that were stuffed under mattresses. My “final vote count” for US Senate in Arizona has increased again to 134,127 votes, or 5.5% in a race against Democratic US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, and John McCain, the former Republican presidential nominee who likes to use your taxes to buy bombs and guns for heart-eating cannibal terrorists.

    This is the highest percentage of votes cast for a Green Party candidate for US Senate in the nation this year, on a zero dollar campaign budget.

    Unfortunately, I think the not so hidden reality behind the good showing of Green Party candidates in Arizona this year is a byproduct of a recent candidate suppression law that effectively [Read More…]

  • Extended Q and A with Gary Swing Boiling Frog Party Sham Candidate for USeless Senate

    Gary Swing received 134,127 votes, or 5.5% in a race against Democratic US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, and John McCain. This is the highest percentage of votes cast for a Green Party candidate for US Senate in the nation this year. Read more about it here.



    True identity: Super Frog


    Message to my campaign: You’ve made RepairRestoreSafeguard.org‘s Hot 500 list of indy, 3rd & write-in candidates for Congress!

    My reply: Thanks for letting me know. So it really is heating up in here, and it’s not just my imagination?


    Question to my campaign: What the hell, dude?

    Answer: There is no heaven or hell, except for those that people create here on Earth.


    Question to my campaign: I don’t understand, How are you on the ballot, yet you’re not even talked about??? Who are you????

    Answer: Shh… don’t tell anyone I’m on the ballot. It’s a secret.

    In practice, candidates running outside of the two establishment parties are typically excluded [Read More…]

  • 50 Green Party Candidate + 1 Sham Candidate Profiles for 2016

    Lauren Shaw Connecticut District 38 Candidate for General Assembly


    Lauren Shaw is a Green Party candidate for General Assembly District 38 in Connecticut.

    After a lifetime of living in Waterford, Connecticut and watching the economic and political decline of our state, I felt obligated to play an active role in shaping the politics of Connecticut.

    In a state that has a higher GDP than many countries, it continues to astound me that the fiscal mismanagement of Connecticut’s economy is allowed to continue.  We need to take our state out of the hands of career politicians whose only solutions appear to be raising taxes on working families or strangling vital state programs.

    As an independent thinker working with the Green Party, I am outside the two-party system, focusing on solutions to Connecticut’s economic crisis based on common sense and a comparative analysis of successful economic policies. I will fight for new strategies of fiscal management, beginning with a public banking system that will treat Connecticut’s taxpayer money with the efficiency and respect that Hartford owes its citizens.

    Connecticut is our home. Let’s work together to rebuild our state. [Read More…]

  • Welcome to new contributor, Gary Swing! Boiling Frog Party AZ Candidate for US Senate Q and A

    Gary Swing has given me permission to share his writings on this blog. Very excited. gary-swing-pj-pants
    To start things off, here is Gary’s response to two questions he has received about his campaign to be a US Senator in Arizona:

    Q: It appears to me that you’re taking this election as a joke. Why do you think that is appropriate?

    *It turns out that this question was sent from a fake email address. How disappointing.*

    A: Thanks for your question.

    American elections are a meaningless farce used to create the false illusion of representation and legitimacy for a criminal government that will never provide fair representation for a politically diverse electorate. These meaningless elections are a form of popular entertainment, used to distract attention from reality. The truth is that your vote doesn’t matter. What you choose to eat for breakfast is infinitely more important than whether or not you choose to vote, or who you vote for. Individuals are responsible for the consequences of how they choose to live their own lives. The winner-take-all voting system in the United States maintains a corporate-controlled political duopoly that engages in perpetual crimes against humanity. The American election system is a bad joke. I hope that my candidacy is a better joke.

    Here are a couple of links concerning life choices that I would consider much more relevant to reality that voting in sham elections: [Read More…]

  • 5% of the vote? It would be impressive for Jill Stein to get 2%



    Jill Stein has a 2.1% average in recent polls. If her fans want to believe something different, fine, but they’ll be greatly disappointed with her actual vote results. Which will, of course, be attributed to vote suppression and fraud. She finished in fourth place last time with about one third of one percent of the vote. I would be impressed if she managed to break two percent this time.


    The last two times that four presidential candidates each received more than one percent of the vote in a US general election were in 1980 and 1948. The last time four US presidential candidates each received more than five percent of the general election vote was in 1912.

    Ralph Nader was the last minor party or independent candidate to break one percent of the vote for President in 2000. The Democrats have falsely branded him and the Green Party as spoilers ever since, as an effective scare tactic to deter people from voting Green.

    The record shows that when minor party candidates are included in polls, their likely vote turnout is exaggerated by the polls:


    2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein is in a distant fourth place, with an average of 2.1% of the vote in recent polls that included her and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, who is polling at average of 5.3%. [Read More…]