• Think Like a Green Beret



    There is a disaster coming and you have a decision to make: Is it better to live like a rat in a hole (a bunker) or to network with your neighbors and organize your local area of operation?  Sure, it’s a loaded question but it brings up an interesting point: That even the lone wolf can’t survive long by himself.  We are social pack animals by nature and the stronger we make our local “pack” the better our chances of survival.

    I’d rather have a local neighborhood of 400 organized, motivated individuals defending an area and watching each other’s back than to go it alone in a ten foot corrugated pipe buried in the middle of nowhere.  And if we agree on this point, then it makes perfect sense to look at the Green Berets for inspiration.

    The Green Berets are the U.S. Special Forces elite commandos who get dropped behind enemy lines and are tasked with organizing the local or indigenous population toward a specific goal.  They are smart, motivated and trained in tactics that make them extreme force multipliers.  This should be your goal as a prepper, because surviving alone is too big of a job.  The days of “Liver Eatin’” Johnson, where a mountain man could live in the back country for years at a time, wasn’t even a high survivability endeavor back in the 1800’s.  The odds that one man or even a small family can, “face it alone” are very slim.  Sure, you might get lucky and pull it off, but personally I prefer to play the odds.  And if we look at history, the odds on survival as part of a community are much greater than going it alone– which is why communities formed in the first place.

    In a disaster scenario where there is No Rule Of Law (sidenote: See NutNFancy’s excellent Youtube video on WROL:  Without Rule Of Law) there will be a power vacuum.  People will be scared and afraid and this is where we as preppers need to be ready to step up and provide leadership.  People will only huddle in their homes for so long and if an organizational structure isn’t set up quickly to utilize your neighborhood’s strengths and resources, then you may lose them forever.

    First Things First

    One of the first things that a Green Beret unit will do when deployed to an area is to set up an operational base in friendly territory that serves as both an operational and administrative focal point.  The operational base is used for:

    • Planning and Direction of Operations
    • Communications Support
    • Intelligence Support
    • Logistical Support
    • Briefing and Staging
    • Infiltration
    • Liason and Coordination
    • Training
    • Administration

    Can you imagine setting up an operational base similar to what the Green Berets use by organizing your neighbors– perhaps at a local elementary school– and how it could be an asset in helping your community get through a Without Rule Of Law scenario?

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