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    Power Trip

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    January 2013-April 2014

    When I got elected to Student Body President? I thought I made it. The election felt like demons filleting my flesh.
    The knife like eyes of my peers judging my every move. I was studying Foucault at the time of the election. His work about the panoptic effect and how it creates a self subjection and internalization of externally imposed norms mixed with his discursive formation theories destroyed me as I tried to form rhetoric for my campaign. The level of understandings I achieved felt nearly too much for me to handle as I was actively synthesizing my studies through my practice. I continuously internalized the rhetoric I crafted from external sources and then re-externalized it through my canvassing and speech giving. I subjected myself to the pan-optic effect from potential voters as I would try and be conscious of what I said wherever I went, and was sure to adhere to norms expected of a potential president (being happy, intelligent, quick, persuasive, confident, to name a few). Then I actively participated in discursive formation as I used the campaign to work to change the discourse of our community.

    Getting elected felt like reaching a plateau on the mountain, after crawling through thorny thickets.  Little did I realize, I was only at the base of the mountain. Climbing it would be more intense of a taskthan I ever imagined.

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  • The Freedom To Do what You Want

    August 6-8, 2012.

    I was a canvasser for the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, where I registered people to vote as Green Party members in Portland, Oregon. When I drew this, the registration drive had just finished and so I used my free time to create this.

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  • Inter Galactic Sillyness


    The Fleeting Lucidity of Radiating Beauty, perpetuated, created, through suffering and self perfecting introspection manifest: contemplation,  reflection, mixed perceptions…Perceptions of thyself, by thyself, and from beyond.

    The intertwined reality of our existence; with the cosmos, with the other world, and with another’s world… Renders the center of the universe a fleeting, relative concept: objective through experience, subjected through existence. Life as but a figment of our imagination, an imagination that beckons us to question our considerations; considerations of eternal truth, of reality, and of our purpose.

    For… what is the purpose of my existence? Why do I wake up in the morning? Is it because “I have to?” … I ponder, what is at stake if I don’t rise to my duty as it calls? A threat that my spark may be extinguished? An End to the hope that my thirst may be quenched? For… what is the purpose of my fire, this purpose for which I thirst?

    Existence, Experience, and Creation: Through the drudge of the old, the thrill of the new, we find the intertwining of comfort, suffering, and the Divine.scannedimage