• Brand Foundations for Guiding Strategy

    The most common strategy for marketing I see is imitation of other campaigns tactics on a trial and error basis. When the tactic works they keep at it, and this is how marketing works for many businesses: a haphazard assortment and sequence of tactics inspired by others with no strategic flow.

    When you deliver amazing products you can get far enough, but when the competition gets tough, or you desire to expand your customer base, you will need to be able to rise above. In order to grow tall, you are going to need deep foundations.

    I follow a combination of methods with my work. Everything I do is planned out, yet at the same time when I get in the heat of a campaign, I really am flying by the seat of my pants. Still, every spur of the moment marketing tactic is performed in strategic coordination with my greater plans. [Read More…]

  • Content Marketing

    How about some transparency. What am I doing here? Content marketing!

    I found the term content marketing eight months ago, and realized that it is what I am all about and have been for the past eight years through my studies, community organizing, and work. Learning about it within a new framework of “content marketing” has brought several added layers of efficacy to my efforts.

    As far as viral marketing goes, having high quality content on your website and social media outlets are amazingly effective tactics. High quality content keeps users engaged with your social media and on your website leading to a range of benefits from boosted search engine results to brand loyalty.

    High quality content marketing keeps your clientele and customer base empowered and zealous about your brand. Your content is what distinguishes you from your competition.

    My favorite part about content marketing is that you are able to provide real value to your audiences, and in exchange for this value, you make money.

    Content marketing is basically journalism, but with the goal of trying to sell you something. A professional journalist friend once told me all journalist outlets are just advertising agencies, and it all clicked, he was right! As an intern doing sales for a multimedia marketing agency, our biggest competition was newspapers. The newspapers had in-house graphic designers and sales people who could run a real hustle selling people ads. [Read More…]

  • Blindfire Media Guide to Facebook Groups and Instagram

    Martins Guides:

    How to build an Instagram:
    -the main issue with Instagram is that generating interest and gaining exposure is difficult due to the way the app is structured. People only see content that is either already popular or something they already liked
    -to make yourself known you have to go to them, using the search feature search hashtags (#) that relate to what you are doing (ie #skateboarding) the more broad the subject the better. By liking photos with that hashtag you get people to notice you, commenting on peoples pages also helps. Tagging your photos using the same hashtags will also make it easier for people to find you.
    -when finding photos don’t be afraid to go on a spree, every 100 or so photos you like will likely draw only around 2 or 3 people to follow your page. It’s more effective to seek out users doing it in their spare time (300 followers or less) than to try and get a bigger persona or page to follow you back.
    -know your audience. Some people will connect more with a loose, causally worded caption while others might be more impressed or intrigued by a more professionally worded caption [Read More…]

  • Marketing Resources

    Propaganda by Edward Bernays, 1928


    How to Plan and Execute Great Startup Marketing Programs – April Dunford, Founder, Rocket Launch Marketing – MaRs Best Practices

    PBS Fronline – The Merchants of Cool. 2001

    [Read More…]

  • Political Resources

    Obama’s CEO: Jim Messina Has a President to Sell

    Democracy Now – Glock: As Giffords Exits, a Look at the Gun Used in Tucson Rampage and Other U.S. Mass Shootings. 2012


    BBC – The Century Of The Self, by Adam Curtis. 2002

    Episode one:

    The Century of the self – 1of4 Happiness Machines by Gyrks_Attila

    [Read More…]