• Musings of pragmatism at the expense of love: Netflix vs Porn

    My political blogging brings very engaged traffic to my website, far more than anything else on the website. It also gets a lot of feedback, far more positive than the negative. Though generally not nearly as articulate, the negative feedback has been just about as impassioned as the positive.

    The positive feedback I see on social media, as people share my articles and argue on their behalf. The negative feedback comes directly to my door. You can see it as the negative comments on my recent political posts outnumber the positive 4 to 1 (hint: give me more positive comments on this website not just on social!)

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  • Tao Te Ching 68

    Tao Te Ching 68

    One who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable;
    One who excels in fighting is never roused in anger;
    One who excels in defeating his enemy does not join issue;
    One who excels in employing others humbles himself before them.

    This is known as the virtue of non-contention;
    This is known as making use of the efforts of others;
    This is known as matching the sublimity of heaven.

  • Random Art

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  • Inter Galactic Sillyness


    The Fleeting Lucidity of Radiating Beauty, perpetuated, created, through suffering and self perfecting introspection manifest: contemplation,  reflection, mixed perceptions…Perceptions of thyself, by thyself, and from beyond.

    The intertwined reality of our existence; with the cosmos, with the other world, and with another’s world… Renders the center of the universe a fleeting, relative concept: objective through experience, subjected through existence. Life as but a figment of our imagination, an imagination that beckons us to question our considerations; considerations of eternal truth, of reality, and of our purpose.

    For… what is the purpose of my existence? Why do I wake up in the morning? Is it because “I have to?” … I ponder, what is at stake if I don’t rise to my duty as it calls? A threat that my spark may be extinguished? An End to the hope that my thirst may be quenched? For… what is the purpose of my fire, this purpose for which I thirst?

    Existence, Experience, and Creation: Through the drudge of the old, the thrill of the new, we find the intertwining of comfort, suffering, and the Divine.scannedimage