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How to build an Instagram:
-the main issue with Instagram is that generating interest and gaining exposure is difficult due to the way the app is structured. People only see content that is either already popular or something they already liked
-to make yourself known you have to go to them, using the search feature search hashtags (#) that relate to what you are doing (ie #skateboarding) the more broad the subject the better. By liking photos with that hashtag you get people to notice you, commenting on peoples pages also helps. Tagging your photos using the same hashtags will also make it easier for people to find you.
-when finding photos don’t be afraid to go on a spree, every 100 or so photos you like will likely draw only around 2 or 3 people to follow your page. It’s more effective to seek out users doing it in their spare time (300 followers or less) than to try and get a bigger persona or page to follow you back.
-know your audience. Some people will connect more with a loose, causally worded caption while others might be more impressed or intrigued by a more professionally worded caption
-post consistently, but don’t overdo it. Instagram users react well to photos posted every 2 or 3 days, daily or multiple posts a day can become irritating
-interact with your audience in a way it’s obvious. Making fans feel welcome and loved will do wonders, offering to showcase someone’s work on your page for free is a good way to bring people in and generate interest.
-don’t be afraid to reach out to other pages, private messaging a page and asking for a shoutout is nothing to be ashamed about, and offering to exchange exposure for exposure to a page with a similar audience and follower count can be beneficial to both parties

How to grow a Facebook group: facebook groups
-names are the most important and can make or break the page. A name that is to the point is the best. Keep it under 6 words and try to be concise. For example, (Pokemon GO! At UoA) vs (Pokemon lovers and players of the university of Arizona). Imagine you are doing a google web search for the page, short names are easier to think of and will most are too lazy to type more than 6 words in a search bar anyway.
-to kick it off invite as many people as you can, and when approving new members try to be fast to respond. Pages that take days or weeks to add a member who’s requested to join are more likely to be forgotten and people are more likely to assume it isn’t very active.
-Get a cover photo up as fast as possible, and update the description. Again, be simple and concise. People who just joined or were just added may want to know why and where they are, and will look at these two things first.
-At first, your group won’t be active and that’s ok, you can post things and encourage discussion and if you are consistent (a new post every 2 days or so) eventually people will start to become active themselves.
-Opening the group to the public and allowing anyone to post creates an environment that’s more inviting, and is more likely to encourage people to be active.
-Advertising your group in similar groups is nothing to be ashamed of. Wording the ad is important, don’t just ask people to join – no one will care. Give them a reason to join!

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