Brand Foundations for Guiding Strategy

The most common strategy for marketing I see is imitation of other campaigns tactics on a trial and error basis. When the tactic works they keep at it, and this is how marketing works for many businesses: a haphazard assortment and sequence of tactics inspired by others with no strategic flow.

When you deliver amazing products you can get far enough, but when the competition gets tough, or you desire to expand your customer base, you will need to be able to rise above. In order to grow tall, you are going to need deep foundations.

I follow a combination of methods with my work. Everything I do is planned out, yet at the same time when I get in the heat of a campaign, I really am flying by the seat of my pants. Still, every spur of the moment marketing tactic is performed in strategic coordination with my greater plans.

I recently saw a small business completely renovate their brand image. They needed the renovation too. In this brand re-imaging however, they completely abandoned years of hard work impressing there old brand image on their customers. These years of effort were wasted for some slightly new flash.

Building a brand is like building a house. You need a solid foundation before you can build. If you put in serious work into making your foundation, your house will stand strong and welcome any remodels or renovations in the future, especially when there were accommodations and prep work for such made in the beginning when pouring the foundation.

One of the talks I really like features the company Pharaoh Concrete Marketing. They call themselves Pharaoh Concrete because that is the concrete with rebar in it that allows people to build skyscrapers, and they are all about building brand foundations for immense growth.

Jacob Bloom

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