Player Profile: Leon King from Painting the World

paint the world for apwlLeon King

from Painting the World (PTW)

My opinion is that our sport is growing.

I also believe that bigger companies should give back more to the kids and those who can’t really afford to play. Focusing only on the “pros” is not going to get this sport anywhere because once the pro players are done, who is going to continue our paintball legacy?

I have seen a lot of kids that want to play but don’t have the means to, which is why I started Painting The World (PTW). My goal with PTW is to grow paintball for the next generation and also help others. I target at risk kids so I can take them off the streets and show them something better. We hook them up with donated gear and take them to the field and play with them and visit their fields if they are out of state.

What makes paintball fun for me is the family of brothers and sisters you find in the sport. I believe if we all helped each other to help others we would take the sport to places it’s never been.

Jacob Bloom

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