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When and how did you first get introduced to paintball? When did you get hooked?

I was first shown paintball by my friend. At the time I didn’t think much of it. Honestly I didn’t even care, I was around age 11.
My friend first showed it to me because he thought the markers looked cool. I remember I was at his house and he pulled up a chair and sat me down at his computer showing off different markers he liked. I remember him mentioning the Empire Axe a lot in particular. He liked it because it both looked like an actual axe and because it had an “edgy” name (pun intended.)

We sat there and I was bored outta my mind. Now a few years later all I do in my spare time is drool over paintball markers I can’t buy. Bit ironic isn’t it?

I didn’t go to the field and actually play until I was 12, it was for a birthday party a friend was having at SC Village.

The first game I was absolutely terrified, I sat in the back and did nothing but cower, but the rush of adrenaline I would come to cherish and chase for years to come was there, even in those first few moments. The second round I played again, not much changed except one thing. I got caught behind the same bunker as a pump player.

The pump player seemed so calm, collected, and focused. It was incredible watching him, to this day I never got his name and I only remember him for the odd contraption he used that I later came to know as a stock class Carter.

I got the courage to stand up and fire back and that’s when I was truly hooked. I gained so much respect for pump players from the very beginning and I think that’s most of the reason I started to play pump myself, I wanted to be that guy I saw.

Where are you at now with paintball as a player?


I play right now for the OC Titans D5 Squad. I play mostly electro but I still love taking my pump to the woodsball field, and I’ve also come to adore pistol play and stock class. I haven’t really dipped my feet in magfed yet but maybe one of these days I will.

I play in the AFPL events and sometimes Bearscup.

martin lopez playing paintball


What are your current and previous roles in the paintball industry?

I don’t really do much. I suppose aside from consumer of paintball products I also occupy the role of self-proclaimed ambassador. I don’t have much of a following but I’ve been a referee, a tech, a videographer, photographer, casual and dedicated player and I just try to grow the sport in every way I possibly can.


You run Blindfire Media?

blindfire media pb

Blindfire Media was, and is, a great outlet to help me promote the many awesome causes that we have in the world of pew pew. My time on the radio with Reaper also helped me get involved and support the causes I love like Splat Ninjas, a group in SoCal local to SC Village that helps get kids ages 8+ into the game by holding monthly 50 cal. games. It’s awesome fun for adults and kids alike.

PSG Designs got off the ground thanks to me and the support I gave it, James even got a deal designing for Wolf so that was really something. He makes great money and even got his corporate license!

I do help out Leon King with Painting The World: one kid at a time. That’s a goodwill service that takes donations and pays it forward to get kids into the game while reducing if not eliminating the financial barrier of starting up.

I’ve done photos and videos and hope to continue that through college.


You run dankest pb memes of the century?

I do run the Dankest PB Memes of the Century page and have even gotten some stuff features at Pbnation (nearly flipped shit when I found out Pbnation followed me on Instagram.)

And…. Yea… Now that I think of it, I have been pretty involved. I’ve been more of a support and sponsoring figure along the way though, I’ve done some stuff but it’s always been with a focus on helping others succeed rather than furthering myself. My skills in voice over (radio, podcasts), advertising and speaking have just been tools to promote the causes and people who I think deserve the limelight.

dankest pb memes fb


What are all the small paintball businesses/companies/projects you are affiliated with? Did you list them all?

I’ve been affiliated with SC Village, Painting The World: one kid at a time, Blindfire Media, PSG Designs, Splat Ninjas, Luke Aronson Photography, David “Reaper” Justin, Callista M, and AFPL.


So you are really active on social media?

I mean I’m a teenager aren’t I? I essentially live on the web.


You rep a lot of these companies and groups and self promote?

Yes, I do my best to get their names out there.


Well I grew up on a different sort of web perhaps. By the time cell phones had social media, I was totally out of paintball…

Technology moves at insane paces now doesn’t it.


It does and it doesn’t. Enlighten me.

I don’t know, it just seems like there’s a new breakthrough in technology every other day.

Especially with Virtual Reality now too.

Pbnation as a 13 year old it totally opened up worlds for me. I found a bunch of drug and how to pick up girls guides on it.



Coming back at it older seeing all the marketing reps lurking around it all makes sense.

Paintball, drugs and girls, sounds like quite the night.


Sounds like national tournaments at Vegas.nxlvegas

Omgosh lemme tell you. NXL vegas. Now THAT is an experience.

At NXL vegas. the refs man, they were smokin’ the danks.


You’re making it out to sound like a big deal. I thought it always smelled like bud in the pros pits?

I just thought it was hilarious.

Like D1 finals field, refs all high, I thought to myself “man, that referee knows how to make a dull experience worth it.”

Plus, they’re all awesome guys. I loved NXL Vegas.

It was some kickass competition too.

paintball ref


I just don’t get the tournament ref mindset, that job must suck.

Tourney refs are intense they go through so much crap, I have so much respect for tourney refs.




When I think of tourneys I think of bad calls and cheating and rigged.

Pshhhhh screw UWL.

There’s a lot more drama than I thought these leagues are out to kill each other.


Can you tell me more? I got Griffan Spanner to tell me some stuff but wouldn’t go on the record.

I can’t say much either. Just that AFPL is probably the best leagues of all of them to play.


You down to share some of your social media tactics? You’re always giving me help.

Also I actually made two paintball memes last night which I spread in groups the way you advised me and it got my page some more likes. Those memes got a shit ton of exposure compared to normal for me too.

Oh right! I saw those! Some of my admins were talking about maybe sharing it but we kind of fell asleep before anyone did.Give me two minutes I’ll do it now.


Woah thanks.

Before Martin shared my photos, but I had shared them to groups following his advice:

 martin lopez share meme1

After Martin shared my photos:
martin lopez share meme2

martin lopez share meme3

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