My motivations here… I have learned a whole hec of a lot from paintball. Growing up in the sport, it was a blood sport, and the business politics were going off the wall too. I saw countless fights at the field. Frequently got overshot and cheated on, and was learning to cheat and overshoot as well. I saw businesses open. I saw them close down. I saw lawsuits galore.

Paintball is amazing. It is pretty much my religion. Consumerism and materialism at its finest. A microcosm of capitalism’s best and worst.

I want it to be the best that it can be.

Getting back into paintball after a hiatus, it is weird to see how the dust of old times has now settled. Giant monopolies run the sport. A select type of business people and paintball player have risen to the top. People at the top write the rules, and the rest of the players and businesses follow, though begrudgingly.

Paintball is at its foundation, driven by the grassroots, but it almost doesn’t seem like it anymore.

Jacob Bloom

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