Paintball and entrepreneurship

I have not posted on this website for a while. This website in a sense, felt like a test run. For the past two years I have been living with my parents attending family issues and working a part time custodial job that allowed me to listen to marketing youtube lectures.  I absorbed many new marketing ideas and techniques and I put them into practice here on this website.

Now I am trying to start fresh and clean, not experiment, but just do it right, with my new paintball team, Muddy Bloody. I want to really own who I am as a person with this, and channel some artful soul energy into this project, and eat my own dog food with marketing advice, I’ve given out plenty, now it’s time to put it to use. 

Since getting back into playing paintball in 2014, I have shelled out serious time and money. It has felt like an investment in myself and future. Paintball has been work. A work of passion, but hard brutal sucky work all the same. I have put a lot of work in. Ruined my life almost over this, but I know it is going to pay off. I have worked several reffing jobs since getting back into paintball, started many a social media project, became an administrator on an upcoming meme page, and have help built a team, where I recruited 3 new players to my pump team the wolverines, out of Sacramento. I don’t want to live in Sacramento, so now I am hoping to start my own new team based out of Humboldt County.

My goals are to sportify the game of paintball while embracing its war side, and do so to professionalize it and stop all the pussyfooting of the current industry leaders. I am sick to my stomach with their attempts to disneyfy this game. Those attempts have failed because this is a blood sport and a war game. A sport I intend to win, and a war game I plan to document.

Could you bunker somebody with this gun? Found this pic in a facebook b/s/t group. Credit unknown.

I want to document the game for what it is. One gripe with that, I honestly can’t stand the people with multiple cameras on their person while they play paintball. Are they there to play? Or are they actors using paintball as a prop? I don’t want to play for the camera, I want to play to reap souls. I know that when I reap a soul on my camera, it hurts that person a bit more, and they aren’t going to cheat on me without making me youtube famous.

I channel my sadist pornographic homosexual side into paintball. I am not gay, but its fun to look good while I make these bros hurt as I chop their neck with balls of paint flying 200 mph out of my pump gun. It’s about as gay as I get.

What’s more fun than punking on a bro? Punking on a wannabe bro decked out in cameras for non stop selfie youtube action while they play paintball. Still I’m a bit of a bro, and a bit of a wannabe bro with my camera mounted on the side of my mask. So I am one of the more rare guys bridging the gap taking my camera out onto the tournament field. It’s a little bit of a disadvantage as it ruins my profile, and I have been shot in the camera before during practice, but in theory, it’s going to be what pays for me to step out on the field.

Jacob Bloom

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