Jacob Blooms Public Comment on Resignation from A.S. President


See resignation Press Release here

My name is Jacob Bloom, and I am the former Humboldt State Associated Student’s President, former ROSA coalition member, and now the current president of the NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Club.

 I would like to apologize for the way I resigned from my position as AS president, for the way I resigned was not the best. It was abrupt during the meeting, and I didn’t explain myself first.

Don’t worry, this action is consistent with a more general plan, and others can perform the duties of AS president better than I could. Nonetheless, I am sorry and would like to offer my apologies to anybody I may have angered or inconvenienced.

 Now please allow me to explain myself:

 After my time in politics, I have come to identify two core problems which I am committed to solving, and which I see as incredibly intertwined: We need to save higher education, and we must end the war on drugs.

 I resigned from my position as AS president because at that meeting it became apparent that AS was preventing me from advocating for higher education.

My replacement Forust, and the rest of the council will do a great job, and the restructuring that followed my resignation is most impressive.

 It took me nearly 8 months to really figure it out. AS is not about higher education. AS is not about students. AS is about student washing a racist and classist performance by our universities administration.

We need to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of student government in the CSU?

The answer the best I can figure: to prevent students from fighting for higher education.

So I resigned to do my job as president of the NORML club.

The war on drugs is diverting resources from higher education. The business administrators who are privatizing and defunding our education are the same ones privatizing and inflating prison budgets. They are successfully marginalizing California’s radical middle class by destroying the two things that makes California great, its weed and its public higher education systems.

 Therefore, the best way for me to fight for higher education is through NORML.

I am a senior, this next semester is my last semester, and I must use my time as productively as possible.

I would like to leave with three questions students must ask, which are:

1. How do we create a grassroots democratic structure to serve the students?

2.    How do we make sure people on the AS payroll are actually employees of the AS? Currently they are not, and rather are employed by the administration through student affairs and the university center.

3.    How do we make sure AS is in fact serving students?

And I have three suggestions for the AS council, which were my campaign promises and which I still intend to follow through on:

1. Create an inter-clubs council. It must be created by grassroots efforts from the bottom up, not top down from student affairs administrators.

2. Restructure the AS, so that it has its own employees and decentralizes power away from the executive board. Currently the employees that are on the AS payroll work for the university center and student affairs administration. Also the executive board has too much responsibility and power to deliver a satisfactory performance. As a consequence, the rest of the council is left with nothing to do except for the bidding of the administrators. Most council issues either originate from or are exacerbated by a staff that is responsible to the administration, not the councilmembers.

3. Finally, we need an electronic resource, perhaps as simple as a blog, compiling regular reports from every council member and campus committee member. The reports must consist of a paragraph and 2 questions the student had about the meetings.

Thank you for your time.


Jacob Bloom

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