50 Green Party Candidate + 1 Sham Candidate Profiles for 2016


Lauren Shaw Connecticut District 38 Candidate for General Assembly


Lauren Shaw is a Green Party candidate for General Assembly District 38 in Connecticut.

After a lifetime of living in Waterford, Connecticut and watching the economic and political decline of our state, I felt obligated to play an active role in shaping the politics of Connecticut.

In a state that has a higher GDP than many countries, it continues to astound me that the fiscal mismanagement of Connecticut’s economy is allowed to continue.  We need to take our state out of the hands of career politicians whose only solutions appear to be raising taxes on working families or strangling vital state programs.

As an independent thinker working with the Green Party, I am outside the two-party system, focusing on solutions to Connecticut’s economic crisis based on common sense and a comparative analysis of successful economic policies. I will fight for new strategies of fiscal management, beginning with a public banking system that will treat Connecticut’s taxpayer money with the efficiency and respect that Hartford owes its citizens.

Connecticut is our home. Let’s work together to rebuild our state.

About Lauren Shaw:

Lauren Shaw grew up in Southeastern Connecticut, and attended primary school in Waterford. She went on to graduate from Waterford High School in 2013. Currently, Lauren is finishing her first degree at the University of Connecticut Avery Point in Maritime Studies, minoring in Political Science and History. Lauren has been volunteering, participating, and coaching with the Special Olympics of Connecticut for over 10 years. She is also active with the Boy Scouts of America Venturing and with the Mystic Rod and Gun Club.

Lauren’s political involvement began in her senior year of high school, when she worked for a Congressional campaign, and later a state-wide office campaign. She joined the Waterford Green Party while in college, and was elected Director of Communications in 2015. Lauren Shaw believes that Connecticut has all of the essential tools to spur on success, but is hampered by party politics and worn out quick-fixes.

Further, Ms. Shaw believes that politics, especially on the state and local levels, should be an open forum between the community and their representatives. If elected, Lauren Shaw will strive to maintain a constant dialogue with her constituents by actively informing the people of Waterford and Montville about what is happening at the Capitol, and how they can make themselves heard.





Angela Capinera Connecticut District 122 Candidate for State Representative


Planned Parenthood has endorsed Angela Capinera, the Green Party candidate for state representative in Stratford, Connecticut’s District 122.

Here’s is Angela’s candidate statement:

“A little about myself: I’m a life-long Connecticut resident. I own a small business, work in the education field, volunteer with my local Emergency Medical Service, am on the Town of Stratford Conservation Commission, and take care of those who are important to me.

Every year for the past 13 years I have volunteered my time giving tours of the Great Meadow Marsh, located here in Stratford, to fourth grade students along with their teachers and family members. It is an overwhelming experience how many people do not know about the largest tidal marsh in the State of CT that is in their own back yards. I enjoy taking my time to do this in hopes that one of these students will be a future leader who will preserve this piece of heaven.

I believe in local environmental preservation: the Great Meadows Marsh, Remington Woods located in both Stratford and Bridgeport, and other forested and water areas like the Housatonic River. These should not be built on or destroyed.

I believe local brownfields and abandoned buildings should be rehabilitated.

I believe more trees should be planted. A tree should be planted for every tree taken down. I believe municipalities should make this a top priority and the State should assist municipalities in this. This will improve quality of life for everyone in the State. I believe the rule of thumb should be: one tree planted per resident.

I believe parks and open spaces should be preserved and well-maintained at the local, state,and national level.

I believe Connecticut can get out of its’ deficit by legalizing the sale and use of marijuana, both for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes. Marijuana can and should be taxed like all other extras: cigarettes, alcohol, and such. Marijuana should be sold along with other extras and should not be restricted.

For those who have challenged me on medicinal marijuana for juveniles (eighteen years and younger): I believe the solution is to have it administered at a doctor’s office, under the direct observation of a licensed medical doctor, with none sent home for the adult’s ‘accidental’ ingestion.

I believe Connecticut needs to the end the War on Drugs and spend the resources used on this for other purposes, like bringing down the cost of tuition at the State University system or better equipping First Responders. Currently many First Responders, usually Fire and EMS, go without bullet proof vests because the State will not give services or the First Responders themselves the money and permission to purchase life-saving bullet proof vests.

I also believe the War on Drugs should end in order to shut down all the drug cartels that wreck havoc on our society. I believe anyone dealing illegal narcotics should be taxed as a business, operate as a business, receive permits to operate, register as a business on local, State, and Federal levels and pay their fair share of taxes into the system.

I believe Connecticut needs to rid itself of Common Core and reestablish funding to vocational and technical education: the best guarantee of a future economy for the State.

I believe Education is about learning and becoming equipped for survival later in life, not about testing. Precious grammar school years should not be wasted on testing that has no clear purpose other than funding huge corporations. What happened to the Iowa tests? Why can’t schools simply use these and teach life skills, vocational skills, classical education, foreign languages, art, music, physical education?

I believe college education should uplift and continue to build on vocational and license skills. Colleges should be affordable for everyone. A student should be able to work and pay for their education without student loan debt when they leave.”





Jenice Dove Colorado District 34 Candidate for State Representative


Former Thornton councilwoman Jenice “JJ” Dove is a Green Party nominee for Colorado State Representative in House District 34.jenice-dove-clown

According to the Green Party of Colorado website, “JJ Dove is a long-time resident of Adams County and launched a second career in politics after retirement from the private sector. She was elected as Thornton Ward 1 councilwoman in 2012. JJ will bring her signature compassion and listening skills to her work as the state representative of HD 34, if elected. She says, ‘I am grateful for the nomination. We will bring awareness to the Green Party, and I will listen and do my part.'”

In 2009, JJ wrote that voters had “elected the wrong clown to Thornton City council.”





Alan Zundel Oregon Candidate for Secretary of State


Alan Zundel is a Pacific Green Party candidate for Secretary of State in Oregon.

“Voters are fed up with the current election system–the limited choices, the role of money, and the results it often produces. All of the candidates for this office will promise election reform. But ask yourself a simple question:

Are candidates from parties which depend on big campaign donations and have benefited from our current election system likely to produce real reform, or just superficial changes?

As the candidate of the Pacific Green Party, I will address the systemic problems of our elections and promote reforms to give voters more choices, reduce the role of money, and create fair conditions for all candidates. I support:

Ranked choice voting to increase voter choice and reduce the role of money.

Constitutional amendment to permit campaign finance limits
Public funding for candidates who accept limits on campaign spending.

Stronger fusion voting for cross-party nominations.

Updated voting technology to increase security and reduce costs.

As Secretary of State I will also support:

Promoting socially conscious businesses.

Acting on state agency performance audits.

Insuring government transparency and the public’s right to know.

Protecting our public lands from private exploitation.”




Robin Laverne Wilson New York Candidate for US Senate


Robin Laverne Wilson is the 2016 Green Party candidate for US Senate in New York.

On her campaign website, she states:

“Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I am Robin Laverne Wilson, also known by my artist/activist moniker “Dragonfly.” I was asked directly by the Green Party of New York to consider the candidacy for U.S. Senate in the State of New York, and with great honor and humility, I accepted.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in San Antonio, Texas. My father was retired US Army Sergeant First Class combat medic who served in Korea and Vietnam. My mother was a homemaker and then worked as a domestic as my father’s health declined from his exposure to war and agent orange. I migrated to the NYC Metro area in 2003 and graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University. I have been proudly anchored in Brooklyn for the last three years. I am currently pursuing an MA in Applied Theatre from CUNY School of Professional Studies, and have committed my life to using art and culture for profound social-political change.

I am running for our lives because the urgency of every single issue is a matter of life and death. We are threatened by the economy on one hand and the ecology on the other. It’s time to reset our collective priorities to Planet, People, and Peace in THAT specific order to ensure a true prosperity for all that’s as universal as the gift of sunshine.

The Green Party is part of an international movement of global citizens who honor Earth over Empire. I am running for Senator to challenge the establishment’s pattern of lethal legislation made by corporate interests and military leadership. While everyone is distracted by the current dog-and-pony show of our Presidential Election, Senator Chuck Schumer and his dismal voting record towards the planet and its people continues to fly unchallenged under the radar.

I am here to champion the incredible work already done by grassroots organizations and brave individuals making stands against the exploitative ruling class and the stagnant status quo. I pledge to bring the demands of working people and all life in earth into this election. I intend to amplify the policies proposed by the people directly affected by oppression and the insensitivity of the elite.

There’s a LOT of work to do and I can’t do it alone! WE [yes, that means YOU TOO!] are running for Senator against Chuck Schumer — and together WE can fight for New York’s 99% against racism, sexism and exploitation!”




Robert Lee Worthey Colorado District 6 Candidate for US Representative


Robert Lee Worthey is running as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District.

Green Party candidate Robert Lee Worthey for United States Congress in Colorado District 6.
Teacher, musician, and outspoken activist. A REAL candidate for REAL people.

Let’s invigorate the voices of the people. Let us rise up and take back our political process from corporate power. Let’s break up this political duopoly that has a stranglehold on our votes and create a more efficient election system that isn’t a broken two party system. Let’s fight to defend our right to vote nationwide. Let’s fight hard against institutionalized racism, homophobia, transphobia, and police brutality. Let’s combat climate change and make our country a more sustainable place. Let’s remove the burdens on our youth and make public colleges debt free. Let’s vote out our “Do Nothing” Congress and elect REAL people!

We are the 99%. We are the backbone and foundation of this nation.

We will fight together! We will win together! We are no longer the alternative. We are the IMPERATIVE!! WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!!





Stacey Lindgren Missouri Jackson County Candidate for Executive


Stacey Lindgren is a Green Party candidate for Jackson County Executive in Missouri.

“Stacey is a life-long Missouri resident who grew up in Jackson County and currently lives in Kansas City. She and her husband are expecting the arrival of their first child this Fall.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and marketing agencies, as well as founding several small businesses. She is currently a self-employed business strategy & marketing consultant. Stacey is also a founding member of the Arch Reactor MakerSpace in St Louis and the KC ARTS Ecovillage Project in Kansas City.

If elected, Stacey will bring her strong leadership and organizational talents to the Jackson County Executive Office. She will work to enable Jackson County to become a home to a 21st century green economy that is accessible to all Jackson County residents and preserves our natural resources for future generations. She believes that the crises of climate change and economic inequality requires innovative community-driven solutions that the county government can facilitate and support.




Joshua Harris Maryland Baltimore Candidate for Mayor


Joshua Harris is the Green Party’s candidate for mayor of Baltimore, Maryland.

On his website, Joshua states: “For too long, Baltimore’s people and communities have had little or no say in the direction of the government or how tax dollars are spent. They do not determine how their communities are developed, and so they have watched as government has gone into debt to fund the development of downtown areas – while neglecting the very real needs of neighborhoods throughout the rest of the city. The Baltimore uprising of 2015 brought long festering problems to the forefront and showed that Baltimore needs transformational change – not tinkering with the status quo. The investment strategies and policies for the past 60 years are no longer relevant or feasible. A Joshua Harris Administration is ready to enact enabling legislation to fund investment strategies that make sense in 21st century Baltimore.”

The campaign website provides extensive information about Joshua’s background:

“As a young child, Joshua grew up in poverty and his family struggled to make ends meet. Through access and opportunity his family was able to overcome those struggles. Harris knows there are many hard-working families in Baltimore that are struggling every day and simply need the access and opportunity.

Joshua confronts challenges by working to create positive and sustainable impacts to the issues that our city faces. As co­-founder of the Hollins Creative Placemaking, Joshua leads initiatives that foster urban revitalization by including the use of art and creative processes to foster an environment of belonging. His community involvement extends to community leadership, as Joshua sits on the Charles Village Urban Renewal community board, Paul’s Place Community advisory board, Baltimore’s Promise Mentoring Task Force, and was the youngest board member for Baltimore’s Southwest Partnership.

Joshua, a product of a public school system, understands the need to reinvest and improve our Baltimore City School system. As such, he has been an invited speaker before the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss education disparities in minority communities. In addition to academics, as an athlete he also believes our youth need activities outside of school that teach them life lessons and motivate them to become leaders. Joshua encourages leadership skills, continuing education, and offers mentoring through his sports mentoring program, Project ‘A’ Game. In collaboration with YouthWorks, Joshua developed a community-led program to employ Baltimore City youth.

Active in the fight for social justice, Joshua is committed to public safety reform. He has also served as a legislative aide for Delegate Charles E. Sydnor and assisted with the passing of police body camera legislation. Joshua believes that it is necessary to rebuild the trust between our neighborhoods and the police department. Outside of Baltimore, Joshua has worked with Black and Brown People Vote, aimed at increasing voter education and turnout in African­ American and Latino communities.

Joshua spends his time committed to the people of Baltimore. He listens to the concerns of his neighbors and creates ways to better our neighborhoods. From turning vacant houses into homes, to providing jobs for all; from providing renewable energy, to public safety and education reform, Joshua has real solutions for problems concerning Baltimoreans and will continue to engage, assess, and address your concerns.

Joshua resides in southwest Baltimore in the Hollins Market community. A man of family and faith, Joshua and his fiancée attend Carter Memorial Church. He lives by the motto of one of his heroes, Muhammad Ali, ‘Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth.’ His continued service is his way to invest in this city and to ensure the future of Baltimore is for all of us.”



Paula Bradshaw Illinois District 12 Candidate for US Representative


Paula Bradshaw is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. She ran as a Green Party candidate for the same office in 2012 and 2014. Paula lives in Carbondale, Illinois, where she is a nurse and mother of three. Green Party politics runs in her family. Paula’s husband Rich Whitney was the Green Party candidate for governor of Illinois in 2006 and 2010. In 2012, Paula’s daughter Jessica was elected as the first Green Party member of Carbondale’s City Council.

Paul Bradshaw for Congress: http://paula4congress.org/

Paula Bradshaw on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bradshaw4Congress/

According to her campaign website:

“Paula believes in standing up to the Washington establishment and restoring our sense of pride in effective, efficient government. By launching a Green New Deal that puts everyone to work in helping our country, Paula is dedicated to the belief that every American deserves a good life, responsive government, and serving the needs of all the people. She believes that government should not be in servitude to the 1 percent, but rather to all the people on an equal basis….

Paula represents the views of the Green Party as her vision of the environment is based on creating an energy and transportation system that is free of carbons and nuclear materials. The use of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and similar resources will clean up the environment and provide plenty of energy for future generations.

Job creation is a very important part of Paula’s vision for America’s future. She is in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour and wants to provide all able-bodied Americans with the opportunity to be in the work force that helps rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. She is a vibrant backer of the Green Party New Deal platform that uses government support to hire millions of people to rebuild our transportation infrastructure.”




Angel Torres Arizona District 27 Candidate for State Senate


Angel Torres is a Green Party candidate for State Senator in Arizona’s Legislative District 27



Oliver Kofoid Florida District 1 Candidate for Mosquito Control Board


Oliver “Ollie” Kofoid is an environmental scientist running as a Green Party candidate for Mosquito Control Board, District 1 in Monroe County, Florida. When he ran for the same office in 2012, Ollie said: “We need new blood, younger blood.” Presumably this “we” referred to human members of the community, rather than the local mosquito population.

Here are two videos from Oliver Kofoid’s 2012 campaign for Mosquito Control Board:



Charlotte Jean Pritt West Virginia candidate for Governor

Charlotte Jean Pritt will be on West Virginia’s general election ballot as the 2016 gubernatorial candidate for the Mountain Party, which is the state’s Green Party affiliate.

“STATEHOUSE: Friday, July 29, 2016 – Well respected among West Virginia progressives, Charlotte Jean Pritt‘s name will now appear on West Virginia’s 2016 ballot as the Mountain Party’s nominee for the state’s top Executive Office. Drafted to run at the Mountain Party’s recent 2016 Convention, Pritt now tops an impressive slate of people’s candidates.

With regards to the state’s lawmaking and budget-making processes, Pritt is clearly the most experienced candidate for 2016 governor. During her many years serving in both chambers of the statehouse, she also was widely recognized as one of West Virginia’s most progressive legislators, earning many awards for her votes and sponsorship of bills that promoted economic, social, and environmental justice statewide. See more details regarding Charlotte’s phenomenal life as a public servant and lawmaker at this link.”




Mike Cease Arizona Pima County Candidate for Recorder


Mike Cease es un candidato para la positcion de Registrador del Condado Pima en Arizona por El Partido Verde.

Mike Cease is a Green Party candidate for Pima County Recorder in Arizona.

“¿Por qué Mike Cease se esta postulando como candidato para la posicion de Registrador del Condado Pima?

La respuesta … la participación de la ciudadana. La participación de los ciudadanos en el proceso electoral el aspecto mas importante de nuestra democracia. Hay 300,000 ciudadanos en el Condado Pima que no están registrados para votar.

Que se puede hacer? Utilizar programas de computadora para determinar las áreas en el Condado Pima, donde existe un bajo registro de votantes, en un esfuerzo para registrar 300,000 nuevos votantes. El objetivo es que el Condado Pima sirva como un modelo nacional para la participación de los votantes. También, llamar la atención sobre la solicitud de registro de votante que actualmente excluye a los partidos Libertario y Verde.

Why is Mike Cease running for Pima County Recorder?

The answer…citizen participation. The participation of citizens in the electoral process is the most important aspect of our democracy. There are 300,000 citizens in Pima County who are not registered to vote.

What can be done? Use computer software to determine areas in Pima County, where there is a low voter registration in an effort to register 300,000 new voters. The goal is that Pima County serve as a national model for voter participation. Also, to draw attention to the voter registration application that currently excludes the Libertarian and Green parties.”




Veronique Bellamy Colorado District 1 Candidate for Board of Directors of the Regional Transportation District


Veronique Bellamy is a member of the Green Party of Colorado running for a seat on the Board of Directors of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) for District I. She says that “it’s time to learn the true cost of public private partnerships. The cost to the taxpayer, the cost to the transit riding public and the cost of human life is way too high to even entertain the notion of public private partnerships.


Veronique Bellamy has been interviewed by the Longmont Times-Call newspaper: “I want Longmont to have rail,” said Bellamy, a web designer for PhaseZero who said she relies on transit for her commutes to work at the Denver Tech Center.

“It’s time to get control of our rail,” said Bellamy, who criticized Lubow and other current and past RTD board members for saying that there’s no money in the agency’s budget to proceed with FasTracks’ Northwest Corridor.

“If you’re using money as a stopping point, you’re betraying your constituents,” Bellamy said, adding that the board “should look at where the money is being spent.

“Bellamy objected to the RTD’s use of public-private partnerships for the construction, operation and maintenance of some of its services. She said studies elsewhere have shown that such partnerships “don’t work anywhere” and that the RTD shouldn’t create any new ones.




Manny Cavaco New York District 65 Candidate for State Representative


Manny Cavaco is the 2016 Green Party candidate for New York State Assembly for District 65. This district includes the neighborhoods of the Lower East Side, East Village, Little Italy, Chinatown, SoHo, TriBeCa, the Financial District, Battery Park and Governor’s Island.

Manny appears to have a somewhat unfavorable opinion of greed.




Eric Siegel Michigan Oakland Community College Candidate for Board of Trustees


Eric Siegel is a Green Party member in Michigan, running for the Oakland Community College Board of Trustees. Eric is a thirteen year Community College teaching veteran, including three years at OCC.

Eric Siegel says “It’s time to put a teacher in charge of the school! For too long, part-time faculty like myself have had no say in the governing of the College. I intend to change that, and give an organized, institutional voice to the people who do the large majority of the instruction at OCC. Faculty, both full- and part-time, are the backbone of any higher education institution, and the model of shared governance means that the faculty are supposed to be equal to other bodies in college decision-making. But the OCC administration insists on shutting faculty out of the governing process more and more very year. This needs to stop, and the faculty-administration relationship needs to be much more equal and collegial.”

Eric wants to make access to higher education more affordable. He pledges to fight against tuition fees increases and for free community college education.




Susan Sonne California Buena Park Candidate for City Council


Susan Sonne has lived in Buena Park, California since 1999. She is running for city council there with the endorsement of the Orange County Green Party.

On her campaign website, Susan states:

“In 2015, I joined the Buena Park Collaborative and began learning so much more about our city. I had the opportunity to apply for and was selected to serve on the Police Chief’s Advisory Board, and on the Buena Park Committee on Homelessness, and also began attending city council meetings.

I have a passion for grass-roots democracy, and equality of opportunity and access for all. As someone who is well versed in the power of the internet, I know that we could make so much more knowledge of how our city is run and how decisions are made accessible to everyone. I will work to put that information in the hands of Buena Park residents and give all of us a greater voice in the decisions that affect our future. I will not take money from big business, because my primary goal is to serve the interests of all Buena Park residents. The well-being and future of Buena Park residents depends on wise decisions, supported by strong scientific and business knowledge, and focused on the needs and desires of all who live in Buena Park.

I am now building a team of like-minded friends and neighbors who believe that it’s critical for everyone to be able to participate in their local government; that while development is often necessary for growth and income, indiscriminate development is not in our best interests; and, that a future for our children and grandchildren demands we take our stewardship of natural resources seriously. Please join me in standing up for us all.”




Nick Nikhilananda Hawaii District 13 Candidate for State Representative


“Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ‘Aina I ka Pono.”
“The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”.”

Nick Nikhilananda is a Hawaii Green Party candidate for State House District 13, representing the North Shore and East Maui, Molokai, Lanai.

On his campaign website, Nick states that sustainability “is the first component which must be looked at whenever some project, development or item is being considered in Hawai’i. We can not continue to be polluting the air by burning potentially poisonous plastics.

nick-nikhilananda-quoteNor can we subject our ‘aina to a continual onslaught of who knows what chemicals, which poison the land and eventually find their way into our water aquifers and runs off into the ocean. Injection wells, which should have been retired years ago, have finally been shown to damage our reefs. The loss and lack of support for our agricultural community needs to end.

We must not be continually held hostage by the same old mantra and shibboleth “but we need the jobs”. We must explore other avenues to diversify our economy and create an harmonious balance between the needs of the ‘aina, the wants of the residents and the desires of the visitors.

All around Hawai’i, the poor and unsustainable policies of the past are destroying our precious land. We can not just claim that we live in the most “beautiful place in the world” and that Maui is “no ka oi” and that will fix everything.

Join us on our sojourn and quest to make District #13 a better place today and an even better place tomorrow, where Maui County and the State of Hawai’i truly are NO KA OI.





Ray Parrish Arizona District 1 Candidate for US Representative


Ray Parrish has been endorsed by the Arizona Green Party as a candidate for US Representative in the state’s First Congressional District. Ray embraces and promotes Jill Stein’s presidential campaign platform, as well as the national Green Party platform.

From Ray’s campaign website:

“Our basic platform…. ‘People, Planet and Peace.’

Let the two corporate parties know that you no longer you support the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, deficit spending, entitlements, the unfair election process and the invasion of our privacy.

Ask my opponents from the two major corporate parties who will vote down party line 99% of the time to compare us all…..

Which one of us will fight against the TPP?
Which one of us will fight for universal healthcare?
Which one of us will fight for a living wage?
Which one of us will fight for our environment?
Which one of us will fight for ending endless wars?
Which one of us will fight for reigning in the banks?
Which one of us will fight to get money out of politics?
Which one of us will fight for women’s rights?
Which one of us will fight for minorities?
Which one of us will fight for immigrants?
Which one of us will fight for technology to give us free energy?
Which one of us will fight for you?

Neither of my Democrat or Republican opponents will do anything for any of us. Both parties have the same agenda, and work for the same people. They will all tell us many things they will do for us during the election and will never bother doing any of it. We need to stop falling for this, your grand children deserve it.”




Scott Summers Illinois Candidate for US Senate


Scott Summers is the Green Party nominee for US Senate in Illinois for 2016.

scott-summers-for-illinois-senate-x-menBest known by his alter ego, “Cyclops,” Scott Summers has served as a prominent leader of the X-Men, a team of mutant heroes with superhuman abilities. According to Wikipedia, “Cyclops can emit powerful beams of energy from his eyes. He cannot control the beams without the aid of special eyewear, which he must wear at all times. He is typically considered the first of the X-Men, a team of mutant heroes who fight for peace and equality between mutants and humans, and one of the team’s primary leaders.”

Oops. That’s the wrong Scott Summers. Mea culpa. My apologies.

The Scott Summers who is heroically running a super campaign for US Senate is an attorney from Harvard, Illinois. Like Cyclops, this Scott Summers also fights for peace and justice, albeit without shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Scott’s website states that he is a former elected trustee at McHenry County College. Scott Summers “now serves as the public guardian and public administrator of McHenry County. He is the author of two “how-to” books published by the American Bar Association.

His priorities include:

A Green New Deal — federal, state, and local programs that will put people back to work; $15 per hour minimum wage; promotion of community economics; single payer health care; equal educational opportunities via tax reform.

Monetary reform: a financial transactions tax; changes to the Federal Reserve system; quantitative easing for citizens (e.g., write downs of student and home mortgage loans); cap credit card interest rates

Peace: reduce military spending; develop international military ‘go teams’ for protection of civilians in conflict areas and as first responders to natural disasters.

Ecology: slow global warming; accelerate work on green infrastructure”

Scott Summers for US Senate campaign website: http://summersforsenate.us/

Scott Summer for US Senate, “We Have to Get Democracy Back on Track” interview:





Cara Nicole Triujillo Arizona District 26 Candidate for State Representative


cara-nicole-cosplay-wonder-womanCara Nicole Trujillo, an artist, independent comic book publisher, and cosplayer, has petitioned onto the ballot as a Green Party candidate for state representative in Arizona’s legislative district 26.

Cara Nicole states her mission, which she has chosen to accept: “I don’t care about Red or Blue. I care about YOU!”

Reporting on her candidacy for the website Askmen, Ian Lang wrote:

“Cara Nicole is a cosplayer by day, dressing up as comic book, movie and video game characters at conventions and events. She doesn’t think being a cosplayer should have any bearing on her ability to perform as a politician.

‘I am proud of what I do and I am proud of being a cosplayer. I feel it in no way detracts from my message or my ability to do a job,’ she says on her website.

She’s running on what could be broadly considered a liberal (or perhaps libertarian) platform, uncharacteristic for a successful Arizona politician: She’s against the profiling of suspected undocumented immigrants, pro-union, in favor of education spending and a fan of marijuana legalization. She also makes a point to distance herself from other ‘tax and spend’ Democrats, and is ‘pro-limited government.’cara-nicole-cosplay-beach-and-black

When she’s not cosplaying or campaigning for political office, she works as an artist. At 183 Degree Studio, an indie comic book publisher she runs with her husband. She’s going to be who she is, regardless of what people think of her.

‘This is my job,’ she says. ‘People will try to use it against me. If I dress up in a suit, people would say I’m a fraud. When I go to the Capitol to talk about bills, I’m respectful — I wear appropriate clothing,’ she told the Phoenix New Times.”

Cara Nicole Trujillo for Legislature: https://azpowergirl4u.com/

Cara Nicole for Arizona House, LD26: https://www.facebook.com/AzPowergirl4U

Cosplayer Runs for Arizona Office: http://www.askmen.com/…/cosplayer-runs-for-arizona-office.h…




Ashely Gordon Texas Travis County Candidate for Commissioner


Ashely “Flashe” Gordon is a Texas Green Party candidate for Travis County Commissioner. ashely-gordon-quote

Ashely writes that: “Taking care of my community has always been a priority. Both of my parents served in the community during my childhood, and my sister and I were always with them. We learned that our community is our family and we have a responsibility to that family. I returned to Austin in 2013 after the death of my father in 2008 with a renewed passion to serve in Travis County. One year later, I discovered a tumor. In June 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. During treatment, I suffered physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I promised that if I survived, I would use whatever years I had left to fight for equity in my community. When the opportunity presented itself to run for County Commissioner, I knew it was my time to live up to that promise. My hope is that we can create space for grassroots movements to flourish so that no person is forgotten in our efforts to succeed as a global community.”

Ashely’s campaign platform is based on what she calls the “Flashe Mob Pillars: Transportation, Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Education and Leadership, and Community-Based Economics.


Access to clean water, proper environmental studies to assess the environmental impact of development, sustainable food options, control and modification of transportation options to reduce carbon footprint and automobile-related deaths, county-wide “hands-free” ordinance


Fair bidding for local contractors and other local business owners with the county, allocating funds to approved local foundations to provide service versus outsourcing, free basic money management classes, special competitive tax programs/tax breaks for local businesses


Multiple-language accessibility, closure of detention centers for undocumented persons, quality of life for ex-offenders, accountability in policing practices, diverse representation in local government, support of grassroots movements, access to mental health services to lower incarceration rates, transient population support services, preservation of cultural monuments.ashely-gordan-flashe-for-county-commissioner


Mentorship for K-12, career options for K-12 (includes but not limited to entrepreneurial training, college prep, certification programs, dual credit programs), community leadership opportunities for youth, dual and triple language education, apprenticeship programs.”

Ashely “Flashe” Gordon on Facebook: http://www.flashe4traviscounty.com/

Ashely “Flashe” Gordon campaign website: https://www.facebook.com/FlasheGordon2016/


Stop the School to Prison Pipeline:




Prince Mallory South Carolina District 6 Candidate for US Representative


Prince Mallory is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District.

Mallory says: “If I am elected as your Congressman, access to arrest videos will be a right to every person. We must give people access to what they fund. Taxation without representation, well some of you know the rest.”

“We should not have hungry people in America, but yet the problem is growing. Especially for young and elderly black Men as your congressman, I will be the advocate of the poor in chief.”

“Why expect me to be a traditional candidate, I am probably the only poor or middle class non governmental black man under 35 running for any office. Why? Because talent is being suppressed by the same systems that suppress you to keep you oppressed. But we must be reminded of reality and not the story that society tries to sell us. We must elect competent, aware, compassionate, and informed leaders who can provide protections under the law and enforcement for all peoples. I am that candidate.”

Prince Mallory on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prince.mallory.1

Mallory for Congress: https://www.facebook.com/MalloryForCongress/




Cyndi Tuell Arizona Pima County Candidate for County Attorney


Cyndi Tuell is a Green Party candidate for Pima County Attorney in Arizona.

“Social justice, ending the war on drugs, the poor and children, ending mass incarceration, and fighting against private prisons are key issues in addition to ensuring the public is aware of how the Pima County Attorney’s office can improve and protect our environment. Ms. Tuell wants to make sure the people of Pima County know that the Pima County Attorney’s office is about more than conviction rates and plea bargains.

Ms. Tuell serves on the Board of Directors for Wilderness Watch, is a Precinct Committeewoman for the Green Party in Precinct #143, and is the membership chair of the Executive Committee for the Sierra Club’s Rincon Group in Tucson. She is also an active member of SURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and Tucson Supports Oak Flat.

Ms. Tuell has worked as an attorney and passionate conservation advocate since September 2007, focusing on federal public lands management issues in New Mexico and Arizona. She has worked with national and local conservation partners in both states to protect the habitat of native species and ensure good land management policies are implemented to protect natural resources and quiet recreation opportunities.

Ms. Tuell holds a bachelor of science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a law degree from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. While in law school, Ms. Tuell worked for the Sonoran Institute researching conservation issues related to State Trust Lands and co-authored two publications on State Trust Lands in the West.

Since October 2013, Ms. Tuell has been working as a consultant to various non-profit conservation organizations with an emphasis on borderlands natural resource protection.

Please see the links below for more information about Ms. Tuell’s campaign, her ideas for the County Attorney’s office, and how you can help.”




Lena Buggs Minnosota Ramsey County District 4 Candidate for Supervisor


Put Buggs in Soil and Water!

That’s an objective for Greens in Minnesota. Lena Buggs is a Green candidate for Ramsey County Supervisor, District 4.

“Lena has made Saint Paul her hometown for nearly seven years. She is married with children, living in the North End Neighborhood of the City Of Saint Paul.

Lena currently serves as Co-Chair of The Green Party Of Minnesota and the Fourth Congressional District of the Green Party. She is also the project coordinator, for the North End Village Community Rain Garden, in association with District 6 Planning Counsel, Ward 5 City Counsel office and Capital Region Watershed District respectively.

When free time permits, she can be found engaging the community in environmental issues, seen out supporting local small businesses, or working on the next campaign to champion water quality and conservation techniques, for residents living in Ramsey County!”





Don Fitz Missouri Candidate for Governor


Don Fitz is the Green Party candidate for Governor of Missouri. He “joined the Green Party over 25 years ago because of its ability to give an electoral voice to environmental and social justice movements. Don is on the Editorial Board of Green Social Thought, which is sent to members of The Greens/Green Party USA. He produces the show Green Time in conjunction with KNLC-TV in the City of St. Louis and is editor of the Compost-Dispatch newsletter, published for the Green Party of St. Louis. Don Fitz has been on the Board of the University Heights Neighborhood Assoc. and conceptualized anddesigned the 2015 campaign for Proposition H, which protects several historic buildings in University City.

Don Fitz received his Ph.D. in 1974 from the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught a variety of psychology courses at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin Community College, Valparaiso University, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, the University of Missouri – St. Louis, Maryville University in St. Louis, Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis Community College at Meramec and Forest Park, Fontbonne University and Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Fitz was a Research Psychologist for 25 years at St. Louis State Hospital.

Don supports organic food free of contamination by pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. The other side of good health is a single payer system and Medicaid expansion. Don opposes fossil fuels and nuclear power. We cannot live safely with concealed guns, especially in schools, or by allowing automatic firearms. Instead, we should advocate forgiving student loans and free university education.

Don understands that civilian oversight boards, police body cameras and ending mass incarceration are first steps in overcoming injustice in law enforcement. Confronting systemic racism also requires a massive jobs program. Unfortunately, the US is experiencing a frenzy of privatizing and eliminating jobs that are a mainstay of black employment. In addition to bringing back civil service jobs that have been outsourced, Don supports a shorter work week in order to reach full employment.”

Don Fitz on Missouri Green Party website: http://missourigreenparty.org/donfitz/
Don Fitz for Governor Video:

Stories by Don Fitz on Alternet: http://www.alternet.org/authors/don-fitz
Don Fitz’s ZNet Articles: https://zcomm.org/author/donfitz/
Don Fitz, “Shrimk the Economy:”



Edward Cizek Arizona District 3 Candidate for State Representative


Edward “Trey” Cizek is the Green Party candidate for the Arizona State House of Representatives in District 3. He says that he is running because he believes that:

“Arizonans deserve a real choice when voting – not just a choice between Democrats and Republicans, but a broader choice between candidates from many different parties and politics. While I am an unapologetic progressive, I believe that political discourse is enhanced when a wide variety of viewpoints are represented in government.

To this end, I am running to reform our elections to make it easier for third-party candidates to run for office, expand voter access through automatic registration, and implement approval voting so that people can vote for their preferred candidates without fear of vote splitting. We must reform our campaign finance system to prevent powerful and entrenched special interests from corrupting government. I will fight through hell and high water to be a voice for those not often heard by politicians, and to take problems such as climate change, education, health care, criminal justice reform, racial justice, income and wealth inequality, and jobs and the economy head on. I ask for your vote, because we are stronger when we stand together.

I am a graduate student in environmental economics at the University of Arizona, and specialize in the economics of clean energy, pollution management, and government policy relating thereto. While I have never held public office before, I am prepared by my background and training to come in on day one to propose and implement sensible policy which serves the interests of the people, not the wealthy and their cronies. I believe that we can develop a government accountable to the people and which responsibly manages our state, the people, and the economy, but I need your help.”




Seth Baker Maine District 27 Candidate for State Senate


Seth Baker is a 28 year old Green Party candidate for state senate in Maine’s District 27. He is campaigning for “socialized healthcare, living wages, support for our refugee community, ending corporate welfare and a universal basic income.”

Seth states:

“I know first hand from growing up here in Maine how hard it is to find good paying work. Recent data shows a third of Maine workers make under $12 an hour. Portland now has a $10.10 minimum wage and will be voting on a referendum to bring the statewide minimum up to $12 by 2020.

I’m certainly glad the Democrats are feeling the pressure to raise the wage, but $10.10 an hour in Portland and $12 an hour statewide isn’t good enough. Here in Portland some employers are getting around the city law by doing payroll outside of Portland. Both the statewide initiative and the Portland law allow a sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.

The fight for $15 is a great step towards building an economy in Maine that works for everyone. I’ll certainly plan on voting on the $12 referendum but I also want voters to understand I’ll be fighting for more if elected.”

Seth Baker for State Senate: https://sethbaker.me/
Seth Baker on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectSethBaker/




Linda Macias Arizona District 18 Candidate for State Representative


Linda Macias is the Arizona Green Party candidate for state representative in Legislative District 18, representing residents of Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Linda writes:

“Public Education needs to have funding that will afford teachers and students with the tools they need to be successful. Right now we are one of the states that allocates the least amount of money per student. Having an well educated citizenry will attract business to our state. Having well educated voters will hopefully elect candidates who entice business to come to Arizona that respect the environment and the work force.

The environment; the soil, the air and the water need to be protected. If any tax breaks are given it should be to companies/business that will be stewards of the ecosystem that we are a part of.

Election reform that allows for a broader representation of the voting base will be another priority. Proportional representation would allow for the possibility of a smaller party winning a seat or two if a certain proportion of the votes were won by that party’s candidate/candidates.”

Linda Marcias’ campaign website: http://www.newmenu.org/lindamacias

Why Linda Macias is a registered Green Party member:



Kealoha Pisciotta Hawaii District 3 Candidate for State Representative

Kealoha Pisciotta is a Green Party candidate for state representative in Hawaii’s District 3. She ia a native Hawai’in and local activist who has served as the president of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou. Pisciotta describes Mauna Kea as the “temple of the creators,” which is home to the deities that gave birth to the Hawaiian people. It is the meeting of Earth Mother and Earth Father.

She writes, “Mauna Kea in every respect represents the zenith of the Native Hawaiian people’s ancestral ties to Creation itself.

The mountain is featured in many Polynesian myths and religious stories. It is considered a place of calm and a place of peace. She writes:

When we look to Mauna Kea, we look from Mauna Kea and we look within ourselves to find our responsibility to Mauna Kea and hence our place in the world. We move through time and space back to our beginning, to the time when the Pō (darkness of creation) gave birth to the Ao (light of creation) … We feel honored that we are allowed to be there, humbled by the majesty and greatness of Mauna Kea.”

Kealoha Pisciotta for State Representative: https://kealohapisciotta.com/

Mauna Kea and the Battle to Preserve Sacred Space: http://wildhunt.org/tag/kealoha-pisciotta

Native Hawaiins Face Federal Charges for Sea Burial of Whale: http://www.nbcnews.com/…/native-hawaiians-face-federal-char…

Kealoha Pisciotta with a Blainville Beaked Whale. The photo is from a story about the sea burial of a melon-headed whale. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/native-hawaiians-face-federal-charges-sea-burial-whale-n637651

Kealoha Pisciotta with a Blainville Beaked Whale. The photo is from a story about the sea burial of a melon-headed whale.



Steven Welzer New Jersey District 12 Candidate for US Representative


Steven Welzer is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District this year. He has been a Green movement activist for over twenty years. He ran previously for Governor of New Jersey and State Assembly.

According to his campaign website,

“Steve was a founding member of the Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) in 1997 and, prior to that, was editor of the Jersey Greens Journal. He recently served on the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

Steve is a co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine (www.Green-Horizon.org) and he has written extensively about the Green politics movement for such diverse publications as Green Pages, Z Magazine, GroundWork, CrossRoads, Independent Politics News, and GPNJ’s bulletin, the GreenGram. He wrote the Introduction to David Watson’s Beyond Bookchin, Preface for a Future Social Ecology (1996); and he was a contributor to the volume Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate (2006).

Steve lives in East Windsor (Mercer County). In addition to his political work, he is currently pursuing a project to establish an ecovillage in our state. He is supported by his two daughters, Nicole and Brielle; three grandchildren, Sarina, Laura, and David; and his wife of 35 years, Laura Houck.

Steve will be highlighting issues vital to the health, security, and prosperity of New Jersey voters . . . issues that the Democratic and Republican candidates won’t touch because the solutions require a new perspective, one geared to the critical times we live in.”

These issues include: “Ecological crises such as global warming, soil and aquifer depletion, deforestation, mass species extinctions, etc., show that our civilizational trajectories have been unsustainable and we need to transition onto new pathways.

There are characteristics and values of our current society that are ecologically ruinous and socially unjust, including: corporate dominance, militarism, unbridled growth, hyper-exploitation of resources, globalization, extreme concentrations of wealth and power. Our own quality of life and the fate of other Beings on the planet suffer on account of these disorders.”





Ellis Boal Michigan District 1 Candidate for US Representative


Ellis Boal is an attorney and anti-fracking activist running as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Michigan’s First Congressional District. Ellis has previously run as a Green Party candidate for county prosecutor (2004), county commissioner (2006), University of Michigan Regent (2008), and twice for US Representative (2010 and 2012).

Ellis Boal for Congress: http://ellisboal.org/

Pro: Environment
Pro: Single-payer health care
Pro: Black lives matter
Pro: Labor
Pro: Immigrant
Pro: Social Security
Pro: Choice
Eliminate: corporate personhood
Stop: Global warming
Stop: Fracking
Stop: TPP
Stop: US support of Israel
Close: US bases around the world




Mary Gourdoux Texas District 16 Candidate for US Representative


Mary Gourdoux is occupying the ballot as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Texas, Congressional District 16. She opposes the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) and wants to exposure the damage that this trade agreement would inflict.

Mary says: “Soon after retirement and the U.S. invasion of Iraq, I became a peace activist and supporter of social justice issues. You can still find me every Friday at noon in front of the El Paso County Courthouse holding an anti-war sign. Please stop by our group and let’s talk war and peace. Because of a friend’s activism, I now protest the death penalty. I also support migrant rights and a number of other issues and causes. After seeing the needless violence of the Iraq and Afghan wars, friends and I persuaded EPISD and some smaller school districts to allow us to place truth in recruiting flyers in high school counseling offices so teenagers can make informed choices before joining the military. The districts were very resistant to truth in recruiting even though military recruiters had access to high school student private contact information. I’m against nuclear weapons and was fortunate to join John Dear at one of his annual Sackcloth and Ashes events protesting the building of nuclear weapons at Los Alamos, NM.”




Mark Salazar Arizona District 8 Candidate for US Representative


Mark Salazar is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.

Mark states:

“I believe strongly in social justice and equal opportunity, non-violence, and ecological and economic sustainability. As your representative to Congress I am committed to facilitating a spirit of cooperation and harmony within federal government. It is time to stop the arguing, finger-pointing, and short-term ambitions of politicians and instead take action that will result in peace and prosperity for ourselves and our children in the years to come. I am putting people first and focusing on improvements that will benefit all of us for the long-term.

It will take new leadership from all levels of government to make this a reality. I am one of these new leaders. With high integrity, expertise in problem-solving and global experience in creating and maintaining harmonious relationships, I have the skills to initiate positive change.

By voting for me in the upcoming election you are voting for the following:
– Sustainable economic systems that create jobs
– Green environmental policy
– Peaceful solutions to global conflicts
– Non-partisan cooperation within all levels of government”

Mark Salazar for Congress: https://www.facebook.com/MarkSalazarGreenParty/




Katija Gruene Texas District 51 Candidate for State Representative


Katija “Kat” Gruene is a Green Party candidate for Texas state representative, District 51.


From her website:

“Katija Gruene was a Co-chair and at-large State Executive Committee member of the Green Party of Texas for a decade and has dedicated herself to expanding access to the Texas electoral process for the past fifteen years.

Diligent grassroots efforts resulted in historic outcomes in katija’s first two political races. In 2007, Katija earned 30 percent of votes in her bid for San Antonio City Council District 1—she earned 70 percent of votes in San Antonio’s historic King William and Monte Vista Districts and performed comparably well in adjacent precincts with high-propensity voters. In her 2010 bid for a Bexar County Commissioner seat, katija earned 19 percent of votes in a partisan two-candidate race against a long-seated career Democrat.

Before becoming the first Green Party candidate to run for San Antonio’s City Council in 2007, Katija served as Co-facilitator for Clean Money San Antonio, a successful campaign to change San Antonio’s campaign finance rules. In 2001, a Blue Ribbon Commission investigation resulted in reasonable contribution limits being set for City Council and Mayoral races.

Katija’s training in nonviolent communication and peer counseling complement her political aspirations, and build upon a 20-year career in business administration. During her twenty years in that industry, she worked for small businesses, co-ops, and non-profit organizations focusing on reducing costs while increasing benefits and services. katija is a graduate of Southside High School in San Antonio, and attended San Antonio College, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Mount Holyoke College for computer and pre-med studies.

Up until 2011, when rehab from car accident injuries took precedence, she was working towards her Bachelor’s of Communication (Public Relations) at Grand Canyon University to ultimately become a public school teacher.

For the last four years she has been navigating the supposed social safety-net and legal system in an attempt to survive and find a way to recover from serious injuries.

“I had a sense that the system was completely flawed, but now, having needed to navigate it to survive, I know it is so broken a new approach is vital. This is why I support a Guaranteed Income even more and a complete overhaul of the legal system that protects corporate assets over all. The medical system is also deeply flawed at the fundamental roots of education. Doctors are still being taught outdated science and not being taught much that could further the health and welfare of our people. I have been privileged to have access to acupuncture, chinese medicine, yoga, and gi gong at my charity community clinic, and cutting edge physical therapy at another clinic that takes Medicaid. If i had not been able to move to Austin, TX, I would not have this same access anywhere else in Texas, and that is a sad statement on the state of health care in this country.”

Katija has been an advocate for single-payer health care and complementary medicine for over 20 years.”

Haryaksha Gregor Knauer Arizona District 1 Candidate for State Representative


Haryaksha Gregor Knauer is an artist and wage earner from Prescott Valley, Arizona. He is the Arizona Coordinator of the biennial Peace Run. He has run with the Peace Run team in 48 states, Mexico, Venezuela, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. This year, he runs as a Green Party candidate for state representative in Arizona’s first legislative district.

Haryaksha describes himself as a “Lifelong peace-lover. Advocate of frugality, fairness, oneness, participatory democracy and stewardship.” He abhors “mendacity and leaf blowers.”

Haryaksha Gregor Knauer for State Representative: http://www.newmenu.org/hgk

On his website, Haryaksha Gregor Knauer writes:

“I used to work at Cosanti Originals, molding, casting and assembling bronze windbells, and doubling as groundskeeper. I am a little man, leading a simple life. I want to represent the little women and men, workers, the poor, people of conscience, all my sisters and brothers who believe that we can make Arizona a better place.

Member of War Resisters League (striving to eliminate the causes of war); Sierra Club; ACLU; Green Party Lavender Caucus; Oneness-Rainbow-Tribe (Sri Chinmoy Centres throughout Africa); Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona. Supporter of IWW (Industrial Workers of the World). Occasionally I help replenish the water stations with Humane Borders/Fronteras Compasivas down in southern AZ.”

Hayaksha says: “The legislature’s bills should be formulated in the public interest, not for the benefit of the powerful and well-connected few. There was a time, in 1789, when the U.S. Constitution did guarantee protections for only the privileged white male landholders. Over time we as a nation have carried on the revolution and embraced the notion that freedom is for all. Sure, we accept personal constraints for the greater common good. Charles Krauthammer in a column wrote, ‘Since forever, infrastructure has been consensually understood to be a core function of government.’”

“I pledge allegiance to Turtle Island
And to the creatures who thereon dwell,
One ecosystem, in diversity, under the sun,
With joyful interpenetration by all.”
Gary Snyder




Kamesha Clark Maryland District 4 Candidate for US Representative


Kamesha Clark is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District.kamesha-clark-protest

Kamesha’s website reports that “she is the founder of the ‘Millennial General Assembly’ and focuses her advocacy in social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Kamesha believes that housing and healthcare is a human right and will work to this end in the United States Congress. Kamesha will work to cultivate small business development, strengthen public schools, institute a basic income guarantee, shorten the work week and support citizens as we transition to a healthy, zero-waste society. Kamesha lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with her husband Matthew and two-year-old daughter Zoey-Jae.”

Kamesha Clark for Congress: http://www.kameshaclark.com/




Matt Funiciello New York District 21 Candidate for US Representative


matt-funiciello-rolling-in-the-doughRumor has it that Matt Funiciello, the Green Party candidate for US Representative in New York’s 21st Congressional District, is literally rolling in the dough. He has owned and run the Rock Hill Bakehouse in South Glens Falls, New York since 1992. Funiciello won 11.2% of the vote as the Green Party nominee for the same office in 2014, a strong showing in a race against both a Democrat and a Republican. Matt advocates a $15/hour livable wage, reductions in military spending, and a single payer health care system.

Matt Funiciello for Congress: http://mattfunicielloforcongress.org/

Matt Funiciello on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattforcongress/





Martina Salinas Texas Candidate for Railroad Commissioner


Martina Salinas is a statewide Green Party candidate for Railroad Commissioner in Texas. This race is important for the Texas Greens to stay on track because the party needs to win at least five percent of the vote for a statewide office in order to retain ballot status for the 2018 election. Texas has one of the strongest state Green Party chapters in the country, with at least 47 candidates for state and local office this year.

According to Katija Gruene, the state chair of the Texas Green Party: “If the Green Party loses ballot access this year, it will have to secure nearly 50,000 valid signatures in less than three months. Because many signatures are found to be invalid, the party would need to collect more than 75,000, at a cost of about $300,000.”

Losing ballot access would be a major setback for the Green Party of Texas, which is one of the strongest in the country, said Mark P. Jones, political science fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute”

The Texas Tribune reports that: “This year, the Green Party is fielding six statewide candidates — one for railroad commissioner, three for the Supreme Court and two for the Court of Criminal Appeals — in addition to presumptive presidential nominee Jill Stein.

At a press conference for Texas Green candidates… Gruene highlighted the candidacies of Stein, Martina Salinas for railroad commissioner and Rodolfo Rivera Munoz for Place 3 on the Texas Supreme Court as the party’s best bets for reaching 5 percent. When Salinas ran for railroad commissioner in 2014, she got 2 percent of the vote in a four-way race.

Salinas said she is campaigning for railroad commissioner — a powerful position whose name belies its responsibility for overseeing Texas’s oil and gas industry — on a platform of ending the use of eminent domain to build pipelines and increasing investment in clean energy sources. She plans to campaign primarily in the Rio Grande Valley and along the Gulf, blue areas where she thinks Democrats might be persuaded to go Green.”

Martina Salinas for Railroad Commissioner: https://www.facebook.com/salinastxrr/

Texas Green Party Hopes to Retain Ballot Status: https://www.texastribune.org/…/texas-greens-hope-conventi…/…




Maria Green Michigan District 8 Candidate for US Representative


Maria Green is on Michigan’s ballot for US Representative with the party that shares her last name. Maria, who is running in the 8th Congressional District, says that she is “passionate about issues like ecological responsibility, Cannabis legalization, human rights and equality, choices in healthcare, and Child Protection Reform.”

This Green candidate’s website says:

“After growing up in a small dairy town and teaching early childhood for 10 years, Maria discovered life anew. The realization that cannabis was the only viable treatment for her husband’s epileptic seizures led to a complete overhaul of her life. Maria became a registered caregiver and also pursued education in herbalism to learn how herbal medicine, including cannabis, affects the human body. She became the first certified herbalist in Michigan to specialize in Cannabis therapy. But risk turned to tragedy when criminal charges were brought on Maria and her husband for a raid on her legal cannabis garden and then months later when the Michigan CPS agency took custody of her infant daughter (Baby Bree) because of the Cannabis she grew. After 6 torturous weeks, both cases were dropped and Bree was returned home. Maria was unrelenting in her fight for justice for her own family, as well as thousands of other families who would have gone through similar situations.

In addition to her work on the magazine, Maria is a constitutional activist who volunteers much of her time working for drug policy reform, Child Protective Services reform, and basic human rights. She founded the Free Bree Foundation that provides resources and support to families who are battling against CPS unjustly and specifically for reasons of cannabis exposure. She has had speaking opportunities around the nation about cannabis and child protective services. She hopes soon to be qualified as an expert in cannabis and herbal health in the legal court system to help those facing trial for cannabis offenses. Maria values family most of all and hopes this world can be a better place by the time her children have families of their own.

It is unacceptable that, in the wealthiest nation in the world, a third of our population lives ‘close to poverty’. Inflation and cost of living have steadily increased while salaries have remained relatively unchanged.”

Maria supports:

A national $15/hr minimum living wage
Stoping the TPP and any other trade agreements that would hurt American workers
Equal pay for equal work
Ending Corporate ‘Personhood’ and eliminating big corporate tax breaks

Maria Green for Congress: http://mariagreenforcongress.com/



Joe Manchik Ohio District 12 Candidate for US Representative


Joe Manchik is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Joe aspires to:

“Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers, and lead on global nuclear disarmament.”

Joe writes:

joe-manchik-kissenger-hillery“Yes, it is indeed possible to end America’s ugly wars for oil. Our corrupt and out of control American government started America’s ugly wars for oil and it is time for the American people to overthrow this corrupt, corporate-capitalist and corporate owned Democratic-Republican duopoly cabal of evil and greed and wars for oil and start a REAL political revolution by replacing the duopoly cabal with a new Green government FOR THE PEOPLE. Sadly, America’s foreign policy was written by Henry Kissinger several decades ago. Today it is being faithfully executed by the corrupt, corporate-capitalist and corporate owned Democratic-Republican Duopoly Party cabal of evil and greed and wars for oil.

Kissinger has met regularly with Secretary Hillary Clinton, and applauded her hawkish foreign policy in a handwritten message.

‘I greatly admire the skill and aplomb with which you conduct our foreign policy,’ wrote Henry Kissinger in a 2012 letter to ‘the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton.’ The compliment was included as a handwritten postscript added to the printed letter.

Yet Kissinger’s intimate handwritten note is just one sign of the close ties between the accused war criminal and Clinton, who is herself notorious for advocating a similarly aggressive, hawkish foreign policy.

In her glowing review of Kissinger’s new book ‘World Order’ in The Washington Post in September 2014, Clinton returned the favor, expressing admiration for Kissinger. She proclaimed that Kissinger’s foreign policy analysis and approach “’argely fits with the broad strategy behind the Obama administration’s effort.’ Adopting Kissingerian language, the bellicose secretary of state said she yearns for ‘sustaining America’s leadership in the world.’

‘Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state,’ Clinton revealed in the review. ‘He checked in with me regularly, sharing astute observations about foreign leaders and sending me written reports on his travels.’”

Joe Manchik for Congress: https://manchikforcongress.wordpress.com/

Joe Manchik on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoeManchikForCongress/



Margaret Flowers Maryland Candidate for Senate


Where has Margaret Flowers gone? “After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completing her pediatric residence at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Margaret worked first in hospitals in Carroll County and then in private practice. In 2007 she stopped practicing medicine to start advocating full-time for a state and federal single payer health care system.”

margaret-flowers-spotlight-candidateDr. Margaret Flowers is the Green Party’s 2016 nominee for US Senate in Maryland. She is a dedicated progressive activist who was margaret-flowers-the-floweritofeatured in the national Green Party’s filmed response to President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address. This CODEPINK activist was arrested last year for disrupting a committee hearing of the U.S. Senate during a protest against U.S. war crimes. The Green Party candidate is running on a platform for economic, racial and environmental justice. She says this is “a fight for access to affordable high-quality health care, housing and education, for higher wages and safer working conditions, for a healthier environment and cleaner energy and transportation, for an end to the drug war and mass incarceration and for an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.” 

Margaret Flowers for U.S. Senate: www.flowersforsenate.org

Flowers 4 Senate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flowers4senate/

Dr. Margaret Flowers Sings “Masters of War:”

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Single Payer Conference:





Kristin Combs Pennsylvania Candidate for State Treasurer


Kristin Combs is the Green Party candidate for State Treasurer in Pennsylvania in 2016. She ran for city council in Philadelphia last year.

The Pennsylvania Green Party’s website says that Kristin is “fiercely committed to ensuring that every child has access to a meaningful public education. After graduating Baylor University with a degree in physics, she earned her master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Pennsylvania. While there, she began as a student teacher at Furness High School and fell in love with Philly, the schools, and the students.

Kristin has seen firsthand the struggles that face our schools and communities. She was teaching at Vaux High School in North Philadelphia when the School Reform Commission announced it would be closed. Kristin organized public meetings and helped to create a plan to transform Vaux into a public, community school so it could stay open. Vaux closed in 2013, one of twenty-three public schools that were closed, but Kristin continues to fight for public education and against privatization, organizing teacher groups in support of high-quality public education that is accessible to all students.

Kristin has continued working with the School District of Philadelphia, and recently bought a home in Port Richmond, close to her students. She volunteers with the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, a non-profit that works to uphold the human rights of all people regardless of color, creed, sexual identity or socioeconomic status. She is active in the PFT’s Caucus of Working Educators and the Green Party of Pennsylvania, and sings with the A Cappella Project Philadelphia, a non-profit organization dedicated to arts promotion and education.”

Green Party of Pennsylvania candidates: http://www.gpofpa.org/elections

Kristin Combs, A Different Kind of Candidate (2015 city council interview): https://spiritnews.org/…/kristin-combs-a-different-kind-of…/




Rudolfo Rivera Munoz Texas Candidate for State Supreme Court, Place Three.


Rudolfo Rivera Munoz has worked as a civil rights lawyer for 36 years. He offers to “bring indigenous wisdom to Texas Courts” as the Green Party nominee for the state’s Supreme Court, Place Three. The Texas Green Party needs to win at least five percent of the vote for a statewide office (such as this one) in order to retain its ballot status for 2018.

Rodolfo Rivera Munoz, “Indian” Attorney at Law:

Rodolfo Rivera Munoz for Texas Supreme Court, Place Three: http://www.rodolforiveramunoz.com/

Rodolfo Rivera Munoz – Indian Nations Left Out in 1776:




Nancy Wallace Maryland District 8 Candidate for US Representative


Nancy Wallace is a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Maryand’s 8th Congressional District.

According to her campaign website:

“Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University. She also studied physics, engineering, and programming. She co-founded the Women’s Caucus. She attended the University of Virginia law school for one year, then decided to work in environmental policy.

After law school, Nancy traveled for nine months throughout Western Europe. In north Norway, she participated in a civil disobedience occupation of an illegal hydroelectric construction site with the native Laplanders, camping out in -20 degrees F to protect reindeer migration paths.

Nancy worked for 14 years lobbying Capitol Hill on international environmental issues focused on endangered species and family planning. She obtained a two thirds majority Senate commitment to continue US support for the world whaling moratorium, on behalf of Monitor International. Representing the International Fund for Animal Welfare, she mobilized Senate support to stop the clubbing of harp and hooded seals in Canada. Nancy also created and led a five-year national coalition which stopped US clubbing of northern Pacific fur seals in the Pribilof Islands, a threatened species, winning against the State Department, Department of Commerce, White House, and the Canadian government which wanted to continue the clubbing. She served as advisor to United States Departments of State and Commerce delegation at the Tokyo Meeting of the Parties of the North Pacific Fur Seal Treaty in 1985 as the environmental representative.

Nancy founded and led the International Entanglement Network from 1983-85. She created the national legislative strategy; testified at hearings representing the national environmental community; obtained new $1 million line item appropriation in the federal budget, including first international scientific conference. This organization eventually led to the banning of disposal of plastic debris in the oceans under the MARPOL treaty.

Nancy served as the Sierra Club’s Washington Director, International Population Program, from 1990-94. The Program’s goal was to urge Congress and the White House to provide the full US portion of the UN’s international campaign for reproductive health care for women in developing countries. Under her leadership, the campaign achieved the largest non-military increases in international aid programs in US history four years in a row, over half billion dollars in total, for voluntary family planning programs. Nancy created and managed the new program, including political strategy, Congressional and United Nations lobbying, testimony before House and Senate committees, media events (national press conferences, radio, TV), grassroots network, and lobbying the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).”

Nancy states that the two major themes of her campaign are “Climate Change and Survival of Women and Girls….

Climate Change – implement an emergency economic transformation to renewable energy, including 100% renewable electricity supply by 2020, and all other energy uses by 2030

Women and Girls’ Survival – violence against women in the US and worldwide has reached epidemic proportions, and we must protect the lives of women and girls along with all other victims of our culture of violence”

Nancy Wallace for Congress: http://www.nancywallace.us/

Nancy Wallace on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nancywallaceforcongress/



Vanessa Tijerina Texas District 15 Candidate for US Representative


Vanessa Tijerina is a nurse and mother of four children who is running as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Texas (CD15).

Vanessa Tijerina for Congress: http://www.votetijerina2016.com/ vanessa-tijerina-candidate-for-us-rep

Here is Vanessa’s campaign platform:

EDUCATION: Transformational change includes building a strong foundation, fostering a well-informed and capable society is something that must be made a priority.

Support legislation that mandates Pre-K and Head Start Programs to be fully funded.

Create legislation to address the issues of school violence to remove a hostile learning environment.

Create legislation to increase accountability of school districts and remove immunity to keep them accountable for any damages their choices may have inflicted on teachers and students.

Create legislation that limits the discretion of school districts and transfers more power to teachers, parents and students.

Support/Create legislation to allow the current debts of students to be cancelled out.

Create legislation so that prospective students will not incur debt allowing a college education to become a right to all that are willing to put in the work and the effort.

Create legislation that will fund programs that provide technical skills, bridging the gap between high school graduates/ G.E.D. recipients and College graduates, helping to avoid the creation of distinct social classes which promote oppression and corruption.

Support and expand the federal DREAM Act by including protections for parents and siblings of students. DREAMERs should not have to worrying about their parents and siblings getting deported while attempting to gain an education, this is a stress that creates hardship and should be reduced.

Increase funding to Hispanic Serving Institutions and ensure that these institutions take into consideration the circumstances of those applying so that local applicants get a fair shot and they will not be passed over for prospective students with privilege that apply from out of the region.

JOBS AND ECONOMIC SECURITY: U.S. District 15 has an unemployment rate that is higher than the national average, during a time of economic instability this region is one of the first to suffer and one of the hardest hit.

Support the passage of a living wage.

Support equal pay for equal work for women.

Support paid family and maternity leave.

Create legislation that offers incentives to small business owners that take care of their employees and all those who keep all jobs in the U.S.

Expand Medicare to allow opportunity for employers to raise the wages of nurses/healthcare workers. Currently the pay of nurses and those that work in the health care industries, that rely on Medicare reimbursement, has remained the same for decades while the demands of nurses and healthcare workers has increased.

Expand Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to allow family doctors to do more for their employers and patients alike.

Create legislation to help small business owners whereby if 50% of gross income is from a home based income, they should receive a 15% reduction on taxable income.

Create legislation to remove cannabis from the controlled substances act, allowing for job creation by catalyzing the growth of the cannabis and hemp industries.

Create legislation that will support programs and create jobs that have the purpose of identifying and addressing the issues of environmental hazards by finding solutions, in an effort to preserve our environment for as long as we can.

IMMIGRATION AND BORDER SECURITY: Keep families together and increase the safety and stability of those that are directly affected by living so close to the border.

Support passage of compassionate immigration reform with a pathway to earned citizenship.

Create legislation to allow our border to be secured in such a way that residents of border communities know and feel they are safe and protected from the criminal elements that arise from living near the border.

Create legislation to expand the border area to include the counties that are beyond the checkpoints so these communities will be able to access federal funds to combat the criminal issues that are created when drug smuggling and human trafficking have been successful and the lives of those living in such communities become endangered amounting to the critical need to strengthen local municipal and county resources to combat these immigration and border security issues.

vanessa-tijerina-posterHEALTHCARE: Healthcare should have always been a human right. It is unreasonable for the government to expect sick folks to get better on their own. The health and mental wellness of American’s is critical in transforming our society into one that works for everyone, not just the privileged.

Create legislation to increase affordability and access to healthcare.

Create legislation to hold Big Pharma and others that price gouge the public, accountable, by increasing regulation on their industry.

Protect and Expand Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security to avoid the creation of local tax entities that will increase the tax burden on the public in crisis areas riddled with poverty.

Create legislation to reform the Medicaid program so that children and the indigent in all states receive an equal and appropriate level of healthcare access. This will reduce the incidences of a child in one state with a certain illness receiving better quality care than those, with the same illness, in states with a reluctant and inappropriate State Congress.

Create legislation, if Medicaid is unable to be reformed, we must push to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to include all ages, doing this will finally ensure that folks have healthcare access as right.

Create legislation that will allow areas such as South Texas to be declared disaster areas, in order to receive federal funds that will provide much needed relief.

Create legislation to reform Medicare and Medicaid by eliminating the intrusion of PPOs/HMOs on a doctor’s ability to treat patients in the most effective way.

VETERANS: Veterans have been living with hardship in regards to limited resources, this is shameful.

Create legislation to expedite access to healthcare, that involves cutting the red tape veterans must currently go through, make it just as easy or easier for them to access healthcare than it is for the general public.

Create legislation to fund a full service VA Hospital and long term care facility in the Rio Grande Valley.

Create legislation to ensure that our veterans have all the resources needed to function to their maximum capacity once they return from service.

CORRUPTION: It is unreasonable for the government to expect the public to make the best decisions, if the systems that are in place to service and regulate them are affected by corruption, themselves.

Create legislation to reform all systems that are found to have corruption. A root cause analysis to identify the biggest contributors to corruption is needed to apply the appropriate solutions.

Create legislation to increase accountability, fines, punishments, raise standards and remove immunity from government officials and employees (local, city, state and federal) who have been found to have harmed the public during the time they were servicing the public.

EQUALITY FOR ALL: We must address the issues of those who are currently suffering inequality.

Create legislation to mandate that one of the U.S. Senators of every state must be a woman, this would increase representation of women in federal policy making while strengthening the female voice, leading to women reaching equality sooner rather than later.

Create Legislation that allows elections to be funded by the government, this will help break up a system in which only wealthy connected families maintain control of entire regions which leads to nepotism and cronyism, otherwise known as the “Compadre System” allowing unconnected and the non-wealthy a fair shot at representing the public.

Create legislation to address issues of minority groups, including but not limited to: The LGBT community, women, racial/cultural minorities, the disabled and those with mental health issues.

Create legislation to reverse the negative effects of marijuana prohibition on Latinos and Blacks by releasing all those incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses, addressing the critical issue of mass incarceration.



Nnabu Eze Maryland District 3 Candidate for US Representative


What’s the BIG idea behind Nnabu Eze running for Congress in Maryland?

Presenting Nnabu Eze’s “Think BIG Campaign:”

“The key foundation of my campaign for the House of Representatives is the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) or social security for all. This policy was advocated for by politicians from Richard Nixon to George McGovern to help end poverty.

One quarter of Baltimore residents live in poverty, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics. A basic income guarantee would provide all citizens with sufficient income to pay for housing, utilities and food. Guaranteed income would also allow people to take time to pursue an education, start their own business, or raise their families.

BIG is substantially different from the current income maintenance system because it would replace a complex categorical system nnabu-eze-support-greenswith one simple system. The current income system is made up of many different programs desired to meet different categories of need, including Unemployment Insurance for the unemployed, TANF for needy families, SSI for the disabled, and so on. BIG could replace all programs designed to maintain people’s income in times of need. The theory of the current system is that work is the solution for poverty and that government aid should be focused either on moving people into the labor force as quickly as possible or on identifying those who cannot work for some reason and giving them aid as long as they remain unable to work. Hard work and a booming economy have not come close to eliminating poverty. A universal program like the Basic Income Guarantee could eliminate poverty.

BIG would be one essential part of the transition of an economy that benefits all people rather than a privileged few. My goal in Congress is to create a bipartisan legislation that would give all Americans a Basic Income Guarantee and I need your support to make it happen.”

Nnabu Eze for Congress (CD3): https://www.facebook.com/Nnabu-Eze-for-Congress-Ma…/timeline

Interview with Nnabu Eze:

Talking with Maryland Green Party candidates Margaret Flowers for US Senate and Nnabu Eze for US Representative: http://wypr.org/…/talking-candidates-green-partys-flowers-a…



Carol Hexem Missouri Candidate for State Treasurer


Carol Hexem is a Green Party candidate for State Treasurer in Missouri.

Carol says that her “main priority as Missouri State Treasurer will be to make decisions based on the best interest of the citizens of Missouri, not corporations that donate to campaigns to purchase influence. This includes transparency and getting the best return on investments without sacrificing safety.

While serving on the governing board of the Missouri Housing Commission I will fight for better options for low income housing. Missouri is ranked 31st for homelessness and 10th in our nation for homeless students. Single mothers with children under 5 make up 67% of homelessness in the United States, and a key reason women stay in abusive relationships. In Missouri there are 53,000 children experiencing homelessness at some point during the year. I will work to change this.”

Marcia Squier Michigan District 14 Candidate for US Representative

Marcia Squier is an instructor and equipment manager for Tumblebunnies International, a gymnastics program whose mission is to “Make children hoppy.” Marcia has hopped onto the ballot as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Michigan’s 14th Congressional District. Marcia is not accepting monetary donations for her electoral campaign. Instead, she requests donations to help poverty stricken children living in her district: https://www.gofundme.com/2m23r8w4

marcia-squier-speakingMarcia says: “That way, regardless of the outcome on November 8th, the kids will still win. I chose $175,000 because that is how much congressmen make per year. If elected, I will work in Congress for $15/hr, donating the rest to the kids who need it more than I do… Any and all help is greatly appreciated!”

As a Green Party candidate for Congress, Marcia Squier says her top priorities are:

“1) Defending the constitution and our rights as Americans.

2) Election Integrity and maintaining the democratic process through accurate and fair voting processes.

3) Fighting against misleading and destructive trade deals like the TPP. I would address these issues by supporting legislation that addresses these issues, introducing legislation that would support these issues, and opposing legislation that would be harmful to these extremely important issues.”

Marcia supports the Green Party’s plan to go “fossil fuel free by 2030.” She proposes to “introduce incentives for cities, counties, and states for achieving this goal early. This will end oil drilling, fracking, and other destructive, non-renewable energy sources, thus preserving the environment.”

Marcia Squier on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marciaflynn412

Video interview with Michigan Green Party candidates for US Representative, Marcia Squier (CD14) and Dylan Calewarts (CD12):

Joe DeMare Ohio Candidate for US Senate

Ohio’s Green Party is working to change the political climate by countering the hot air of the two fossil fuel parties. Their candidate for US Senate is an above average Joe. Joe DeMare is a writer, a factory worker, a father, and an environmental activist.


Joseph DeMare for US Senate:

Joseph DeMare’s campaign states that: “As an environmentalist, he is someone who’s horrified at the ecological damage being done by the Nation’s continued dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power. Fracking, off-shore drilling, leaking and cracked nuclear plants, pipelines, injection wells, and oil spills all need to be shut down, permanently.

Climate change is real. If you are someone who doubts this, ask yourself, how could we put countless billions of tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere for two hundred years, literally changing the composition of the planet’s atmosphere WITHOUT changing the way the atmosphere holds heat. It’s literally impossible. Different gasses hold heat at different rates. We need to act against further climate change with the utmost urgency. We need to stop putting more carbon into the air, moving away from gasoline fueled cars, for example. We also need to begin a massive, federal program of reforestation, since forests are excellent carbon sinks. Finally, we need to stop drilling. Leave the oil and gas in the ground, where it belongs.”

Joe states:

“Our scientists tell us that we MUST stop putting CO2 and methane into the air or face catastrophic global warming and nine foot sea level rise. Our society could not survive that. None of the other parties are dealing with this crisis. The Democrats in the Paris accords call for less than half the carbon reduction necessary to save us, and they rely on dangerous “geoengineering” schemes which will not work. The Republicans actually deny climate science. I can’t tell such cynical lies to get elected. I’m not a professional politician; I’m a machinist.

joe-demare-protestNorth America’s ecosystems face a host of threats, from invasive species to algae blooms. Most human societies have grown, destroyed their ecosystems, then collapsed. We have the ecological wisdom to avoid that fate, but only if we make restoring our ecosystems a priority for the government. We need to restore our environment until we have clean water in all our rivers, the skies darken with migrating birds again, every river has salmon runs, chestnuts return to our forests, and eagles are a common sight.

It’s time we sent someone directly from the shop floor to the Senate floor—someone who understands that some things must be done. As a Green Party candidate, I refuse to let our planet be destroyed in the pursuit of profit. We must also address problems like income inequality; providing universal single payer health care; and pursuing peace not war, internationally.”

Joseph DeMare opposes war without end: “As a strict adherent to non-violence, Joe believes that there is ALWAYS a non-violent solution to any conflict, though we may not always be wise enough to see it. Joe was among the millions that protested the Iraq war, protests which were ignored by the mainstream media. Ruling out war as a recourse does not mean appeasement. In fact, vigorous opposition to those bent on military conquest is essential in preventing war. However, if we used the resources we’ve committed to war to making a more just world for everyone, we would all be better off.”joe-demare-canvassing


Gary Swing Arizona Sham Candidate for USeless Senategary-swing-riding-frog

As a wise frog once sang, “It’s not easy being Green.” The Arizona Green Party didn’t nominate a candidate for US Senate this year. So Boiling Frog Party candidate Gary Swing hopped into the Green Party primary. He received 238 write-in votes in the primary, enabling him to repurpose the Green Party’s ballot line for an unauthorized “deep green, dark humor” cyber-campaign.

In Phoenician, the indigenous language of the people of Phoenix, “Boiling Frog” translates as “Green.” After all, frogs are green. Unless, of course, they’re red, or yellow, or blue, or some other color.gary-swing-boiling-frog

In public statements, the Swing campaign declared:

“Boiling Frog Party founder Gary Swing is just a small frog from a large pond. He thinks outside the bog as he leaps into the dismal swamp of electoral politics.


WTF?!? — Why the Frogs?

We are in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction of animal species, resulting from human impact on the ecosystem.

About 52% of the global wildlife population of vertebrate species has died off since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.

Vertebrate species are animals that have backbones. This includes mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. Invertebrate species are spineless creatures like jellyfish, sponges, tape worms, leeches, sea urchins, insects, and members of Congress.


Meanwhile, the Earth’s human population has doubled since 1970, from 3.7 billion to 7.4 billion people. Per capita ecological footprints have dramatically overshot the sustainable limits of growth. The Living Planet Report ecological overshoot study estimates that the Earth could not sustain a population of more than 1.5 billion people if the average person on Earth had as much environmental impact as the average person in the United States does today.

About one third of frog species worldwide are now threatened with extinction as their habitats are destroyed. As ecological indicator species, frogs are especially sensitive to changes in both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The Boiling Frog Party seeks to unite amphibious citizens of the world who prefer to have the thermostat turned down slightly on the global hot tub we all share, before we all croak.

The Boiling Frog Party is concerned about global warming, stovetop warming, amphibian rights, preservation of endangered species, water pollution, conservation of wetlands and other natural habitats, human overpopulation, and the disturbing habit of Peruvian street vendors sticking live frogs in blenders. We demand a global ban on restaurants serving frog legs. It’s time to end this holocaust of amphibian amputation!gary-swing-save-the-frogs-red-white-blue

The United States is a nation of sheep, ruled by wolves for the benefit of pigs. Congress is a den of vipers. All we are saying is… give frogs a chance!

Other politicians claim to represent the people. Gary Swing strives to represent the neglected interests of frogs and other endangered species whose continued existence is gravely threatened by human impact on the environment.

Quoting Dr. Kerry Kriger, the Founder & Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS!: ‘When we save the frogs, we’re protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans.’ See: www.savethefrogs.com/why-frogs/index.html

The Boiling Frog Party advocates Respect for Biological Diversity concerning people of all species. We must all swim together to preserve our wetlands for our tadpoles, and for our tadpoles’ tadpoles.

The Boiling Frog Party: because there’s more to life than just freezing toads. Come on in. The water’s fine!”

Gary Swing openly admits to being a sham candidate. He writes: “The term ‘sham candidate’ may be unfamiliar to some people, so further explanation may be in order.

In the United States, a ‘sham’ is defined as a ‘decorative cover for a pillow.’”

Urban Dictionary reports that the word “sham” is a slang term used in the County of Cork, Ireland.

They explain that “a ‘sham’ is primarily the term used to describe a young male knacker, specifically the ones who walk around with a chip on their shoulder, thinking they own everything in sight, and that they are the greatest thing on god’s green earth. It can also be used to show genuine praise, much to the same affect as ‘the shit.’”

Therefore, in order to cover his bases as a sham candidate, Gary Swing proposed to campaign by walking around with decorative pillow covers pinned to his shoulders.

In the same statement, this sham candidate explained:

“People ask me why I’m running.

I don’t plan to run, per se.

I ran when I was younger. I even ran a marathon when I was seventeen. But I got tired of running. It takes too much effort. It’s hard on the knees.gary-swing-boiling-frogs

I prefer to walk. If I get tired of walking, I may relax in a hot tub and have a pina colada.

Maybe I’ll try standing for office.

Perhaps I should stand FOR something. Like nonviolence, ecology, social justice, respect for biological diversity, personal and global responsibility. You know, stuff like that.

Sometimes, I might feel like standing AGAINST things. Things like war crimes, environmental destruction, mass extinction of animal species, mass incarceration, and the reprehensible practice of sticking live frogs in blenders to create a phony aphrodisiac.”

According to financial disclosure statements filed with the Federal Election Commission, the Swing campaign budget consists entirely of cracker crumbs and belly button lint. The campaign is neither accepting monetary contributions nor spending money.

Gary Swing for USeless Senate:

Gary Swing endorses the green value of personal and global responsibility as expressed by the “Green Minute Rule:” http://xoearth.org/green-minute-rule/


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