Welcome to new contributor, Gary Swing! Boiling Frog Party AZ Candidate for US Senate Q and A

Gary Swing has given me permission to share his writings on this blog. Very excited. gary-swing-pj-pants
To start things off, here is Gary’s response to two questions he has received about his campaign to be a US Senator in Arizona:

Q: It appears to me that you’re taking this election as a joke. Why do you think that is appropriate?

*It turns out that this question was sent from a fake email address. How disappointing.*

A: Thanks for your question.

American elections are a meaningless farce used to create the false illusion of representation and legitimacy for a criminal government that will never provide fair representation for a politically diverse electorate. These meaningless elections are a form of popular entertainment, used to distract attention from reality. The truth is that your vote doesn’t matter. What you choose to eat for breakfast is infinitely more important than whether or not you choose to vote, or who you vote for. Individuals are responsible for the consequences of how they choose to live their own lives. The winner-take-all voting system in the United States maintains a corporate-controlled political duopoly that engages in perpetual crimes against humanity. The American election system is a bad joke. I hope that my candidacy is a better joke.

Here are a couple of links concerning life choices that I would consider much more relevant to reality that voting in sham elections:

Go Vegan for Progress: https://www.facebook.com/Go-Vegan-for-Progress-14485557593…/

Green Minute Rule: xoearth.org/green-minute-rule/


Q: Why would you outlaw oatmeal?

A: Oatmeal is an abomination against humanity. Since I have no respect for humanity, I plan to eat oatmeal for breakfast this morning.


Gary Swing


Gary pictured right, with SPUSA Presidential Candidate, Mimi Soltysik, pictured left (read interview with Mimi here)

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