Contributor Gary Swing gets highest vote percentage of Green Party candidates for US Senate

Arizona vote counters keep finding more ballots that were stuffed under mattresses. My “final vote count” for US Senate in Arizona has increased again to 134,127 votes, or 5.5% in a race against Democratic US Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, and John McCain, the former Republican presidential nominee who likes to use your taxes to buy bombs and guns for heart-eating cannibal terrorists.

This is the highest percentage of votes cast for a Green Party candidate for US Senate in the nation this year, on a zero dollar campaign budget.

Unfortunately, I think the not so hidden reality behind the good showing of Green Party candidates in Arizona this year is a byproduct of a recent candidate suppression law that effectively disqualified the entire slate of the much larger Libertarian Party’s ticket of candidates for state and Congressional offices. That law needs to be overturned. Ironically, if the Arizona Green Party succeeds in registering enough members to requalify as a party for the 2020 election, the Arizona Greens probably won’t be able to qualify any candidates for state or Congressional offices for future elections either.


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