Petition: An Open Letter to Green Party Presumptive Presidential Nominee Jill Stein


Dear Dr. Jill Stein

Our respectful opinion is that you disregarded the Green Party 10 Key Values and 4 Pillars by acting as the Green Party’s presumptive nominee and pandering to Bernie Sanders to join the Green Party’s presidential ticket. There is a primary, and several other excellent candidates are seeking the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

How can you possibly support a war criminal like Bernie Sanders? Are you willing to sell out the Green values of nonviolence and social justice in a desperate effort to win enough votes to secure federal funding for a future election? This is not building an alternative; it is creating just one more corrupt political party that is willing to sell its soul for votes.
We want to help grow a Green Party that remains true to the values that it claims to represent. We want Green Party candidates to earn millions of votes, but not if we have to accept a Green nominee who has consistently voted to finance the murder of millions of people throughout his career as a member of Congress. We reject a politician who has welcomed and subsidized the military-industrial complex as a job provider. We reject a politician who has had the police arrest peaceful protesters who opposed his support for genocide. We reject a politician who supports the repressive apartheid regime in Israel. We reject a politician who has dismissed the idea of reparations to the descendants of African slaves who built this nation and its wealth, and who have been persecuted, oppressed, and marginalized for centuries.

There are no short-cuts to a revolution against the ruling class through the Democratic Party. The Bernie Sanders campaign is a get-rich-quick scheme that can’t succeed.

You seem to be disconnected from the implications of your actions.

In your 2012 campaign, you spent a great deal of time and effort appealing to and motivating Greens of long standing to put together a tremendous coalition within the existing Party as well as recruiting a large number of new supporters to the Party. This time around, however, your campaign seems to many of us to be entirely focused on the new recruits, and especially the Sanders supporters. On the surface, this might seem to be a good strategy, given the amount of support a nominal socialist, focusing on issues of economic justice and “political revolution”, has gained. His supporters would indeed seem to have a natural home in the Green Party. But too often your outreach has come across to many of us as ill-timed and poorly executed, creating the perception that you are campaigning for the DNC primary in contrast to getting out the vote for the Green Party.

Your “gp 10 key values best versionOpen letter to California voters” contained what can only be interpreted as an endorsement of a candidate from a different party running in that party’s primary for that party’s nomination. This was when your own party staged a primary on the very same day. By spending so much effort on voters who literally could not vote for you at that time, in such a way as to privilege another party and another party’s candidates; by focusing so little on your own party; and by equating the Green Party as an organization with yourself and your campaign, you undermined the independence of the Green Party and contradicted many of the arguments that you, yourself, have made about the necessity of an external challenger to the corporate duopoly.

Your tactics feel disrespectful to long-time Greens and the legitimacy you have built for yourself within the party. We urge you to reconsider as we move forward, and to bear in mind that, as grateful as we may be for the good work you’ve done to this point for the Green Party, helping to bring us to a point where we are in fact in a position to be able to capitalize on this historic opening for progressive, small-d democratic, anti-capitalist, ecologically sound politics and policy, nevertheless we are the Green Party and not the Jill Stein Party.

Your actions have motivated us to call for your withdrawal, and in the future seek an amendment to the Green Party’s national platform to explicitly reject the two corporate political parties, including a ban on supporting and/or endorsing democrats.
Greens for Green Party Values

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Stein, Green for President, invites Sanders to cooperate on political revolution & real democracyjill-stein-invites-bernie
Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President, said today that she had reached out to Senator Bernie Sanders following the NY primary to discuss ways they and their campaigns could work together to win a progressive political revolution in the United States.

Stein released a copy of a letter she sent yesterday to Senator Sanders.

Dear Senator Sanders,

I congratulate you on your historic campaign and the inspired grassroots movement for progressive change you have generated. I am writing to see if you would consider joining me in a conversation to explore possible collaboration, in this hour of unprecedented crisis and potential for transformative change. At a time when the American electorate is rejecting politics as usual in vast numbers, I invite you to join me in pushing the boundaries of that system to a place where revolution can truly take root.

You have given voice to the oppressed middle class, workers and the poor in a system that serves the 1% and throws the rest under the bus. You have engaged youth in the political process, and lifted up the needs of communities of color, seniors and so many others who have been locked out.

You’ve proven that in today’s rapidly changing America, a populist progressive agenda covered by the media and the televised debates can catch on like wildfire and shake the foundations of a political establishment that seemed invulnerable just a few short months ago.

The Democratic machine has launched an unjust attack on your campaign – from the NY Daily News hit job to Paul Krugman’s unfounded assault, the DNC’s efforts to minimize your debate exposure, and the near-unanimous endorsement of Clinton by Democratic elected officials and super-delegates.

It’s critical that the break-through work of your campaign not be thwarted by a corporate political machine.

In this wildly unpredictable election where the old rules are giving way one by one, can we think outside the box and find new and unexpected ways to synergize beyond obsolete partisan divides?

In this hour of unprecedented crisis – with human rights, civilization, and life on the planet teetering on the brink – can we explore an historic collaboration to keep building the revolution beyond the reach of corporate party clutches, where the movement can take root and flourish, in the 2016 election and beyond?

As the neoliberal Democratic machine mobilizes to quash revolution in its ranks, I urge you to consider opening a window of historic possibility outside the Democratic Party. I would love to explore with you collaborative ways to advance that effort and ensure the revolution for people, planet and peace will prevail. Please let me know if you’re interested in talking.

In solidarity,

Dr. Jill Stein


All Hands on Deck! Two Ways To Build The Revolution in the CA Primaryjill-stein-open-letter-to-ca-voters
Vote for Me if You’re Registered Green – Vote for Bernie if You’re Independent or a Democrat

California voters have a chance to put us on the road to revolutionary change in the June 7 primary.

At this historic moment, as voters reject the Clinton and Trump campaigns with record high levels of dislike and mistrust, I ask not just for your vote for me, but also for your vote for Bernie. These votes are powerfully synergistic as we build an historic grassroots movement and a political vehicle to carry it forward.

If you’re a registered Green, I need your vote in the contested Green Party primary, so we can continue to build an enduring political home for revolutionary change. You will be voting for the only national party not poisoned by corporate money, and for the policy solutions we urgently need: an emergency Green New Deal providing 20 million green jobs to transition to 100% renewable energy and avert climate catastrophe, to cancel student debt and make public higher education free, to provide health care and education as basic rights for all, to create a welcoming path to citizenship, end police violence and the war on drugs, and to provide a foreign policy based on international law and human rights.

If you are registered as a Democrat or as “No Party Preference”, please vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary. The Sanders campaign is putting up a valiant fight, despite the shameless assault by the Democratic Party.


Jill Stein’s statement clarifying Sanders offerjill-stein-headshot-sanders-letter

We have repeatedly asked to meet with Senator Sanders to discuss the possibilities for collaboration to continue to build a progressive revolution in the US.

We have said we were willing to discuss a variety of cooperative approaches, including the possibility of creating a united ticket. At no point however have we simply offered that we would just step aside and give the Presidential nomination of the Green Party to Senator Sanders without serious discussions of issues and strategies. And of course, ultimately the nomination decision rests in the hands of the delegates to the Green Party convention, though most of them are pledged to Jill Stein.

However, the offer of a joint ticket was conditioned on discussing and agreeing on a joint program moving forward. We have always been clear that the path to a progressive revolution does not go through the Democratic Party, a position that Senator Sanders had shared through most of his political career. And while we agree with Senator Sanders on many issues, including both analysis and solutions, there are also some significant differences that would have to be addressed. This starts with foreign policy and the role of the US military, but includes specific domestic issues including the abolition of student debt and the need to transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

Jacob Bloom

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