Soltysik/Walker campaign: Voices of the Revolution

Mimi Soltysik asked me to write something up for their 2016 Socialist Party USA Presidential campaign, for a social media project called “Voices of the Revolution.”

Voices of the Revolution

Using the Soltysik/Walker 2016 Campaign platform to share the voices of those on the front lines of the struggle is one of our primary goals. In the “Voices of the Revolution” column, we’ll step aside as our revolutionary sisters and brothers tell their stories, offering ideas, strategies, and expressions of hope and inspiration.

This week we’ll hear from Jacob Bloom from Davis, CA:

“There are so many traps out there. From sleazy politicians pandering for your soul to a giant non profit industrial complex, and on and on. Paternalistic endeavors that want to sell you on “what is best,” for private gain, are everywhere.

When stuff gets fucked up where do you turn? You are encouraged to post on social media, march down a street, go to some inaccessible community meeting, and vote in your government elections. Through these avenues, the paternalistic assholes that caused the problems will give you a bunch of positive reinforcement for channeling your distaste how they see fit. If you follow these avenues, you will get decorated with social likes and shares, signs to hold as you march, showered in titles and certificates of achievement for showing up to meetings, and an “I Voted” sticker to wear to help you feel good about voting.

By trade I am a political marketer, and as someone who once worked a part time job where I registered 160 people as Green Party voters in two months, I now say voting in U.S. government elections on any level is at best; a pyramid scheme. It is a giant scam to distract you from things that actually make change.

So as a political marketer, where would I be if I didn’t try and paternalistically sell you on some next level shit that I have come across?

I am convinced we can fix many of humanity’s greatest problems right now from here in the U.S. with tools like: participatory budgeting, worker owned cooperatives, community run security, the internet, social media networking, mobile phones, psilocybin mushrooms, and the Soltysik/Walker SPUSA presidential ticket.

This stuff is radically changing the world, and there is a lot more out there than just that.

My question is:

“Will humanity get its shit together in time before it ruins everything?”

I have hope.”

Jacob Bloom

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